Lundqvist returns for Indianapolis IndyCar race, MSR plans Friday announcement

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Lundqvist is making a comeback for the Indianapolis IndyCar race, with MSR planning to make an announcement on Friday. Pagenaud hasn’t participated in any races since his serious crash at Mid-Ohio due to concussion-like symptoms that prevented IndyCar’s medical team from clearing him for racing. In contrast, Lundqvist had an impressive IndyCar debut in Nashville, qualifying 11th and briefly holding third place during pitstop cycles. Despite crashing out 10 laps before the finish, he managed to set the race’s fastest lap.

Expressing gratitude to Mike Shank and Jim Meyer for their trust, Lundqvist acknowledged the positive aspects of the Nashville weekend, even though it ended disappointingly due to his own error. He felt he and the team were left wanting more from the experience, thus he appreciates the chance to race again in Indy. With a full race weekend behind him, Lundqvist is optimistic about achieving good results and speed in the upcoming event.

For the Brickyard weekend, Lundqvist will once again partner with full-season MSR driver Helio Castroneves. This weekend will feature the IndyCar Series racing alongside NASCAR at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway road course. IndyCar’s 85-lap race is scheduled for Saturday, marking its second event of the year on the IMS road course.

Lundqvist is familiar with the track from his four starts in Indy NXT competition, where he secured pole position in three out of the four races. He boasts two wins that were both converted from pole positions.

Additionally, Meyer Shank Racing has announced that a significant update will be shared during the Indianapolis event on Friday at 11 am. This announcement is expected to revolve around the future of Helio Castroneves, a four-time Indy 500 winner, and his association with the team.

Pagenaud shared a message on social media, but its content is not provided in the text.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about IndyCar

Who is returning to IndyCar after an impressive debut?

Linus Lundqvist is making a return to IndyCar racing after his impressive debut in Nashville.

What led to Simon Pagenaud’s absence from races?

Simon Pagenaud has been absent from races due to concussion-style symptoms caused by a brake failure during practice at Mid-Ohio.

How did Lundqvist perform in his IndyCar debut in Nashville?

Lundqvist had a strong debut in IndyCar, qualifying 11th and briefly holding the third position before crashing out.

What are Lundqvist’s feelings about his Nashville debut?

Lundqvist expressed gratitude for the opportunity and despite the disappointing end, he and the team are eager for more.

Who will Lundqvist partner with for the upcoming Brickyard weekend?

Lundqvist will partner with full-season MSR driver Helio Castroneves for the Brickyard weekend.

What major announcement is Meyer Shank Racing planning?

Meyer Shank Racing is planning a major announcement, possibly related to Helio Castroneves’ future with the team.

What is the racing schedule for the Brickyard weekend?

The Brickyard weekend will feature the IndyCar Series running alongside NASCAR, with IndyCar’s 85-lap race scheduled for Saturday.

How has Lundqvist performed on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway track previously?

Lundqvist has participated in Indy NXT competition on the track, securing pole position in three out of four races and winning twice.

What was Pagenaud’s message on social media?

The text does not provide the content of Pagenaud’s message on social media.

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racer123 August 9, 2023 - 4:40 am

lundqvist’s back in indycar? amazin’! pagenaud missin’ lot, concussion stuff… hope he gets better soon tho.

racefan88 August 9, 2023 - 5:07 pm

castroneves future buzz, what’s gonna happen? MSR makin’ waves! can’t wait for the big reveal on friday 11am.

speedyGONZ August 9, 2023 - 8:46 pm

Lundqvist did great in nashville, quali 11th, 3rd at one point, crashin’ later. goin’ be excitin’ with nascar!


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