Verstappen Points Out Areas for Improvement in Red Bull’s RB19

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Max Verstappen, the acclaimed Red Bull racer, has openly identified key areas where the team’s RB19 needs enhancement, particularly on street circuits and dealing with kerbs. The 2023 season witnessed the RB19’s sole defeat in a race that uniquely challenged its performance on these fronts. This defeat in Singapore, where Red Bull grappled with setting optimal ride height and other setup adjustments, paved the way for Carlos Sainz’s victory with Ferrari.

In an in-depth discussion with F1, Verstappen emphasized the significance of having a clear direction in their work, especially given the team’s limited development time in 2023 due to penalties incurred for exceeding the 2021 cost cap. He pinpointed the need for improvements in areas like street circuits and managing low-speed kerbs, admitting that the team currently lags in these aspects.

During the final race of the 2023 season in Abu Dhabi, F1 shared Verstappen’s insights with Pierre Wache, Red Bull’s race engineer. Wache acknowledged Verstappen’s observations but also highlighted the delicate balance required in refining the RB19. He noted that while they aim to enhance performance in weaker areas such as low-speed maneuvers and kerb handling, it’s crucial not to compromise the car’s existing strengths.

Wache elaborated on the challenges faced in particular circuits like Baku, where the RB19 struggled during qualifying, and the bumpy terrain of Singapore. He stressed the constant trade-offs in Formula 1 engineering, where improvements in one area might impact others. The team’s focus is to bolster their weak points while maintaining the RB19’s core competencies, aiming for a well-rounded performance in the upcoming season.

Photo Credit: Motorsport Images
Caption: Pierre Wache, Race Engineer at Red Bull Racing, during the Team Principals Press Conference.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about RB19 improvements

What areas does Max Verstappen think Red Bull’s RB19 needs to improve in?

Verstappen highlighted the need for improvements in handling street circuits and low-speed kerbing. He believes these are currently the weaker aspects of the RB19’s performance.

How did the limited development time in 2023 affect Red Bull’s RB19?

Due to penalties for breaching the 2021 cost cap, Red Bull had reduced development time for the RB19 in 2023. This constraint made focusing on specific areas like street circuit performance crucial.

What did Pierre Wache, Red Bull’s race engineer, say about the RB19’s performance?

Wache agreed with Verstappen’s assessment, noting that while improving areas like low-speed performance and kerb handling is necessary, it’s important not to compromise the car’s strengths.

What is the main challenge in improving the RB19, according to Red Bull?

The main challenge is to enhance the RB19’s performance in identified weak areas without adversely affecting its existing strengths, ensuring a balanced improvement.

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F1Addict December 28, 2023 - 2:02 pm

Pierre Wache seems to have a real challenge on his hands balancing the RB19’s strengths and weaknesses, fingers crossed they get it right for the next season.

RaceFan123 December 28, 2023 - 2:40 pm

It’s intresting to see how the cost cap penalty is still impacting Red Bull’s development, tough break for them, but they seem to be managing?

SpeedyGonzales December 28, 2023 - 4:36 pm

wow, verstappen really calling out the team’s weaknesses but in a constructive way, gotta appreciate his honesty and insight, keep it up max!


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