Verstappen Clarifies: The Car Isn’t Tailored to My Driving Preferences

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During the Zandvoort circuit, Toto Wolff, the team principal for Mercedes, speculated that Max Verstappen has a distinct advantage over his Red Bull teammate, Sergio Perez. Wolff suggested that Verstappen seems to have the knack for driving a car that appears “tricky” to control but rewards anyone who can master it.

Wolff weighed in, noting, “Max has consistently outperformed every teammate he’s ever had. Whether that’s because he has a special ability to have the car crafted to suit his unique driving style, thereby widening the performance gap, is something I can’t definitively say. But it’s curious, to say the least.”

However, Verstappen strongly refuted the notion that the Red Bull car is engineered to cater to his driving style.

“That’s a load of nonsense,” Verstappen declared. “I don’t instruct the team to give me more of this or less of that based on my driving preferences. My request is straightforward: ‘Build the fastest car you can, and I’ll adapt my driving to get the most out of it.’ Each car is unique, year to year, and I adjust my style to whatever is needed to extract maximum speed.”

Regarding a point raised by Fernando Alonso, who posited that Verstappen’s feats with Red Bull in 2023 might be underestimated, Max acknowledged that achieving consistent success is far from a walk in the park.

“I don’t have any grand agenda to prove something specific,” he continued. “What people don’t always see is the intricacies of team dynamics and the myriad challenges we face even when we have a high-performing car. You can’t just coast to victory; it’s a full-team effort, every time.”

When quizzed by F1 about Red Bull technical chief Adrian Newey’s recent claim that Verstappen should now be counted among F1’s legends, the Dutch driver remained humble.

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinions,” Verstappen observed. “I never entered F1 with the aim of being etched alongside the all-time greats. I’m here to exploit any chance to win that comes my way.”

Regarding the chance to break Sebastian Vettel’s record for consecutive wins, Verstappen was both respectful and candid.

“I remember when Vettel set that record and thought to myself, ‘That’s mind-boggling.’ The idea that I could actually break it is surreal. But I’m not fixated on that number. The goal remains the same: just win. There’s enough to deal with already, from tire choices to strategy adjustments.”

He concluded, “Getting to nine consecutive wins was never part of the plan, but now that we’re here, sure, let’s go for a tenth. But the key focus is to win, not to hit a specific number. We’ll just tackle the weekend head-on and see how it all unfolds.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Max Verstappen

What is the main point Max Verstappen wants to make about his driving style?

Max Verstappen strongly denies that the Red Bull car is engineered to suit his specific driving style. He emphasizes that he adapts his driving to whatever car he is given in order to maximize its potential.

Did Toto Wolff suggest that the Red Bull car is designed around Verstappen’s style?

Yes, Toto Wolff, the team principal for Mercedes, speculated that Max Verstappen’s consistent performance advantage over his teammates may be because the Red Bull car is “tricky” but potentially tailored to suit him.

What did Max Verstappen say about the possibility of breaking Sebastian Vettel’s consecutive win record?

Max Verstappen acknowledged that breaking Sebastian Vettel’s win record would be impressive but stated that he is not fixated on reaching that specific milestone. His primary focus is on winning races, irrespective of the count.

How does Verstappen respond to the idea that his achievements in 2023 are being underestimated?

Verstappen acknowledges that consistent success is challenging and not as easy as it may appear. He states that people often do not understand the team dynamics and the difficulties faced even when driving a high-performing car.

What was Verstappen’s reaction to Red Bull technical chief Adrian Newey’s comment about him being among F1’s legends?

Verstappen takes a humble stance, stating that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. He mentions that he never entered F1 to prove that he belongs among the all-time greats; he is in the sport to win whenever he can.

What does Max Verstappen mean when he says he just wants to win?

When Verstappen talks about just wanting to win, he means that he doesn’t focus on specific milestones or records. For him, the aim is to maximize the performance of whatever car he is driving and to secure as many victories as possible.

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