Red Bull’s Stella Challenges F1 Teams: “No Excuses” in Chasing the Leaders

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Stella is saying that the Milton Keynes team has done everything better than others, and that every other team has to look at the RB19 to try and figure out how to get even faster. McLaren recently started a restructuring process which includes James Key leaving.

The person speaking said that in the past, competition was very close when it comes to winning. But this year, one team is doing a lot better than the others. He also added that with all the information around, there are no excuses for other teams to not know what to do about it.

Andrea Stella said that it’s an opportunity for other teams to work harder if they want to win races in this sport, but there isn’t a simple answer.

Stella suggested that even if Red Bull have to pay a penalty which means they can use less time in the wind tunnel and fewer computations than the other teams, it won’t stop them from having an advantage. She said: “They’ll still probably still be ahead of everyone else despite not being able to do as much developing as the other teams.”

I expect other teams should take ideas from us, to improve and get closer to Red Bull by the end of the season. Aston Martin showed that it is possible to do this, so others can do it too!

He said that it’s possible to close the gap between them and Red Bull, meaning that if they make a big enough jump forward, they can still get good points.

Aston Martin have made the right choices on how to design their car and this shows that it is in fact possible to do this.

McLaren is doing a great job and needs to continue working hard to make the car even better. We can see lots of good stuff happening behind the scenes that we need to benefit from quickly. It’s really close between fifth and last place in 2023, so it’s quite impossible to put a definite number on where McLaren stands.

I think Red Bull, Ferrari, Aston and Mercedes are doing really well in comparison to the other teams. Then there’s us, which is somewhere in between them and everyone else. It’s very close amongst the rest of us. I don’t want to give any specific numbers on where we stand right now.

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