Binder’s Reluctance to Accept KTM MotoGP Bike’s Flaws Affected 2023 Performance

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In 2023, Brad Binder achieved his highest standing in the MotoGP championship, finishing fourth, but with a significant 174-point gap behind the leader, Francesco Bagnaia.

Despite securing two sprint race victories, Binder narrowly missed out on a grand prix win several times.

Initially praising the 2023 RC16 as the finest KTM he had ever ridden, Binder’s season ended in disappointment.

When questioned about his satisfaction with the year’s outcomes, Binder expressed discontent. “Frankly, no,” he admitted. “I had higher expectations. I believe I had the potential to achieve much more, but I squandered numerous chances due to my errors.

“However, that’s life; these things happen. With the new format, it seems everyone’s been making plenty of mistakes. Yet, I’m eager for the upcoming season.

“We’ve got about two months to build, learn, and grow, seeking small improvements in every aspect. If we manage that, we can return next season ready to contend for victories.”


Brad Binder, Red Bull KTM Factory Racing

Binder’s chance for a win at the Valencia Grand Prix finale vanished when he veered off the track while leading, eventually finishing fourth. He was later elevated to third after a penalty was issued to Fabio Di Giannantonio.

Binder also lost potential podium finishes at Assen due to track-limit penalties and crashed out while in third place at the German GP.

In an interview with F1, when asked if his errors were a result of pushing the KTM beyond its limits, Binder responded, “Not exactly. The truth is, mistakes can occur whether you’re contending for first place or tenth, when you’re pushing to your limit.

“This year, I often tried to exceed the bike’s limitations, which led to several crashes.

“However, I believe this season has been a learning curve. I must acknowledge the tremendous progress my team and KTM have made since last year.

“We need to continue evolving to stay competitive, as the sport is constantly advancing. It’s thrilling to strive for improvement. I’m confident I can enhance my performance, and if my team does the same, we’ll be in a stronger position next year.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Brad Binder MotoGP 2023

How did Brad Binder perform in the 2023 MotoGP season?

Brad Binder finished fourth in the 2023 MotoGP championship, scoring two sprint race victories but missing out on a grand prix win. He expressed disappointment with his performance, acknowledging mistakes and lost opportunities.

What were Brad Binder’s reflections on the 2023 KTM RC16?

Binder initially praised the 2023 KTM RC16 as the best he had ridden but ended the season frustrated. He recognized the need for improvements and is looking forward to the next season with optimism.

Did Brad Binder face any specific challenges during the races?

Yes, Binder faced several challenges. He was on course to win the Valencia Grand Prix finale but finished fourth due to running off track. He also lost potential podiums at Assen and crashed out in the German GP.

What is Brad Binder’s outlook for the next MotoGP season?

Binder is focused on learning from the 2023 season’s mistakes and making small improvements in every area. He is excited about the potential for growth and is eager to compete for victories in the upcoming season.

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MotoGPFanatic December 28, 2023 - 5:53 pm

Binder’s good but he needs to work on those errors, Too many missed chances this season, KTM’s gotta step up their game too

TwoWheels4Life December 28, 2023 - 6:46 pm

anyone else think binder’s being too hard on himself? the guy’s got talent, just bad luck this year I guess

RacingJunkie December 29, 2023 - 12:41 am

KTM and Binder are a solid team, but they’re just not there yet, they need to push more in the tech department to catch up with the top guys, just my 2 cents

SpeedRacer99 December 29, 2023 - 3:09 am

hey guys did u see how Binder almost had it at Valencia? Crazy race, he really should’ve won that one…


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