Zarco to leave Pramac, confirms Honda MotoGP move with LCR for 2024

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Zarco’s departure from Pramac has been confirmed, and he’s set to join the LCR team with Honda for the 2024 MotoGP season. The French rider started with Ducati in 2020, initially riding for the Avintia satellite squad and then moving up to Pramac on factory-spec Ducati bikes in 2021. His time at Pramac has been marked by 12 podium finishes in grand prix races, the most recent of which occurred just before the summer break in Germany.

Following Rins’ announcement that he’d be leaving LCR for Yamaha in 2024 during the British GP weekend, Zarco emerged as the frontrunner for the vacant seat. During the Austria race weekend, Zarco confirmed that he had offers from both Honda and Ducati. Although reports suggested he’d already signed with Honda on Saturday, Zarco clarified that the decision was still pending and would be made on Sunday.

Honda’s proposal extended over two years with a potential third year at LCR, while Ducati offered a one-year contract with the intention of shifting Zarco to their World Superbike project in 2025.

After the Austrian GP on Sunday, Pramac officially announced that Zarco would be leaving the team, and an official announcement from Honda was anticipated. Paolo Campinotti, the Pramac team principal, expressed regret over Zarco’s departure while acknowledging the progress they’ve made together, and he wished Zarco success in his future endeavors.

In an interview with Canal+ on Sunday, Zarco confirmed his move to Honda, saying, “I’m going to be part of the Honda clan for the next two years, with the LCR team.” He mentioned the thought process behind the decision, including the shift from a winning bike to a project focused on developing a bike that had previously been successful.

This announcement solidifies a significant part of the 2024 MotoGP grid, with attention now turning to Marco Bezzecchi’s decision on whether to stay with VR46 Ducati or take Zarco’s place at Pramac. Ducati has indicated that Bezzecchi’s chance at a factory-spec bike in 2024 lies with Pramac. Valentino Rossi has encouraged Bezzecchi to remain where he is, as VR46 believes it can provide him with a competitive package despite not having full factory bikes. Bezzecchi’s choice will also influence the trajectory of Franco Morbidelli, who will be leaving Yamaha at the end of the current year. If Bezzecchi stays at VR46, it’s possible that Morbidelli could secure a factory ride at Pramac for the 2024 season.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about MotoGP rider transfer

Who is making a move in MotoGP for the 2024 season?

Johann Zarco is switching teams, leaving Pramac Ducati to join Honda’s LCR team in MotoGP for 2024.

How long has Zarco been with Ducati’s Pramac team?

Zarco has been a part of Ducati’s Pramac team since 2020 when he joined on a deal from the Avintia satellite squad.

How many grand prix podiums has Zarco secured with Pramac?

Zarco has achieved 12 grand prix podiums during his time with the Pramac team.

What other rider’s move has influenced Zarco’s decision?

Rider Alex Rins’ announcement to leave LCR for Yamaha in 2024 created an opportunity for Zarco to join LCR.

What offers did Zarco receive from different manufacturers?

Zarco had offers from both Honda and Ducati for the 2024 season. Honda offered a two-year deal with a third-year option at LCR, while Ducati proposed a one-year contract with a potential move to their World Superbike project in 2025.

What did Zarco confirm after the Austrian GP?

Zarco confirmed his move to Honda’s LCR team for the next two years during an interview with Canal+ after the Austrian GP.

What other decision is connected to Bezzecchi’s move to Pramac?

Marco Bezzecchi’s decision on whether to stay with VR46 Ducati or move to Pramac also impacts Franco Morbidelli’s future, as he may potentially secure a factory ride at Pramac if Bezzecchi joins the team.

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