Why AlphaTauri Opted Not to Attend Verstappen’s Singapore F1 Impeding Hearing

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The recent buzz in the Formula 1 world revolved around Max Verstappen and a potentially controversial impeding incident during the Singapore Grand Prix qualifying session. However, what raised eyebrows wasn’t just the incident itself, but rather the curious decision by AlphaTauri, the team representing car 22, to skip the impeding hearing altogether.

To unravel this intriguing episode, let’s dive into the details. The saga began with Max Verstappen finding himself in hot water as the stewards launched an investigation into his actions during Q2, specifically related to impeding Yuki Tsunoda. Astonishingly, the Dutchman emerged relatively unscathed from this inquiry, receiving only a reprimand.

But what caught everyone’s attention was the cryptic footnote in the stewards’ verdict that read, “it was noted that the representative of car 22 chose not to attend the hearing.” This single sentence ignited a fire of speculation, fueling rumors that AlphaTauri might have deliberately skipped the hearing to protect their ties with sister team Red Bull Racing.

However, here’s where it gets interesting. It turns out that AlphaTauri never received a formal summons to attend the hearing. In the world of Formula 1, when it comes to impeding cases, summonses typically come in pairs, with both parties—the accused and the affected—required to be present at a predetermined time. In Max Verstappen and Yuki Tsunoda’s case, this standard procedure seems to have been disrupted by an entirely separate incident during qualifying.

This separate case involved Logan Sargeant, who was under investigation for allegedly impeding Lance Stroll. However, Stroll’s dramatic crash at the end of Q1 left him in the hands of the FIA medical delegate. Consequently, the stewards opted not to issue a formal summons for him to attend, presumably because they believed they had sufficient evidence to assess the situation without speaking to the Canadian driver.

In a surprising turn of events, instead of a formal summons, an informal invitation—reportedly delivered via WhatsApp—was sent to Aston Martin for sporting director Andy Stevenson to attend the Sargeant hearing, should he choose to do so. Stevenson, however, was preoccupied with Stroll and the medical team, arriving at race control a few minutes after the hearing had concluded.

The stewards noted in their verdict that “the team representative of Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant F1 Team was not present at the time of the hearing but did attend the stewards’ room after the hearing had finished.” This informal approach with Aston Martin set the stage for AlphaTauri’s subsequent actions.

With no formal summons issued, which teams in Formula 1 typically view as a compulsory request, AlphaTauri opted not to attend the hearing. Team principal Franz Tost confirmed that they had not filed any complaints with the FIA regarding Verstappen’s actions.

It’s worth considering that even if AlphaTauri had been represented at the hearing, it’s unlikely they would have pushed for a penalty. Given the close relationship between AlphaTauri and Red Bull Racing, pursuing a penalty against Verstappen would have seemed counterintuitive. Nevertheless, the absence of AlphaTauri from the hearing doesn’t necessarily imply that the final verdict was influenced. Stewards in Formula 1 are well-equipped to make informed decisions based on the evidence at hand, even without the direct input of the affected driver or team.

So, in this curious case, the decision by AlphaTauri not to attend the impeding hearing might have been more procedural than strategic. Nonetheless, it adds another layer of intrigue to the world of Formula 1 and the intricate web of relationships that shape the sport.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about AlphaTauri Formula 1 Hearing

Why did AlphaTauri choose not to attend Max Verstappen’s impeding hearing in Singapore?

AlphaTauri’s absence at Max Verstappen’s impeding hearing was not a deliberate strategy. They didn’t receive a formal summons, which is customary in Formula 1 for both parties involved in an impeding incident. In this case, the stewards deviated from the norm due to a separate incident involving Logan Sargeant and Lance Stroll. Stroll’s crash and medical attention prompted the stewards not to summon him formally. An informal invitation via WhatsApp was sent to Aston Martin for their sporting director, but he arrived after the hearing. AlphaTauri followed a similar informal approach, as they had no formal summons, and they did not complain to the FIA. Even if they had attended, it’s unlikely they would have pushed for a penalty, given their relationship with Red Bull Racing.

Did AlphaTauri’s absence affect the final verdict of the hearing?

AlphaTauri’s absence from the hearing didn’t necessarily influence the final verdict. Formula 1 stewards are well-equipped to make informed decisions based on the evidence at hand, even without direct input from the affected driver or team. The stewards had ample evidence to assess the situation and make a decision regarding Max Verstappen’s actions.

How does the typical impeding hearing process work in Formula 1?

In Formula 1, impeding hearings typically involve summonses issued to both the accused driver and the affected driver. These summonses require both parties to attend at a predetermined time to present their cases and provide insights into the incident. Stewards then review all the evidence and statements before making a final decision, which can include penalties such as grid position drops or reprimands. However, the specific procedures can vary depending on the circumstances of each incident.

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Verstappen’s escape, AlphaTauri’s plot-twist, #SingaporeGP quli was cray cray!

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AlphaTauri, AstonMartin, n impeding! F1’s so intricut, amazin!

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Red Bull n AlphaTauri, lik fam, so, no penalty, no biggie. Stewards got it.

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