Watch the 2023 Australian Grand Prix on ESPN: All You Need to Know

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00am Eastern Time

This year’s race is scheduled to happen on Sunday, April 2nd at 1:00am Eastern Time in Melbourne’s Albert Park Circuit. There will be two practice sessions that happen on Friday and one more practice session that happens on Saturday before qualifying. Because the time difference from America, the first and third practice sessions will take place on Thursday and Friday night, then the race will start an hour after midnight on Saturday. Charles Leclerc with Ferrari F1-75 can be seen in the picture provided.

Leclerc Takes the Win as Verstappen Has a Setback and Russell and Hamilton Follow in Third and Fourth Place

Charles Leclerc of Ferrari won the race, which was organized after a long break due to the coronavirus. Max Verstappen from Red Bull tried to challenge him during the middle of the race but he had to stop competing with a problem in his car’s fuel system. Sergio Perez from Red Bull came in second place and then there were George Russell and Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes who placed third and fourth respectively.

Enjoy Formula 1 Races Live on U

This year, all Formula 1 races will be shown live on U.S. TV channels like ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC. Plus, you can even watch it live or recorded on the internet!

So if you don’t want to miss out on fun stuff like qualifications or races that take place over the weekend, here’s how you get to enjoy the show: Tune in to one of those three channels at the right time!

Four Days Ahead

This week we will have the following days: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Thursday is March 30th. Friday is March 31st. Saturday is April 1st. Finally, Sunday is April 2nd.

“Experience the Thrill of F1 Racing on F1 TV and ESPN’s Digital Platforms!”

People in the US can watch Formula 1 races by subscribing to either F1 TV (f1tv.formula1.com) or ESPN’s digital platform (espn.com/watch). Both of these services allow viewers to watch live streams on any device and afterwards enjoy on-demand video playback of previous sessions.

2023 F1 World Championship Race Dates and TV Broadcasting Info

Here’s a list of when each race will take place in the 2023 Formula 1 World Championship! Plus, I’ll tell you which TV channel is airing them in America.

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