Vinales Becomes the Initial Victim of MotoGP’s Fresh Tyre Pressure Regulations

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In a groundbreaking move for the 2023 season, MotoGP unveiled new minimum requirements for front and rear tyre pressures. Riders are mandated to comply with these for at least half of each grand prix and for a third of all sprint races. However, this regulation wasn’t enforced until the British Grand Prix last month, as the Tyre Pressure Management System was still in its developmental stage. As of the recent Catalan Grand Prix, the system is entirely automated, offering live updates on each rider’s tyre pressure.

During Sunday’s big race, where he secured the second spot in an unprecedented Aprilia one-two finish led by his teammate Aleix Espargaro, Vinales ran afoul of these new rules. It was discovered that his tyre pressures were below the newly established minimums. For this initial violation, Vinales received an official warning. However, he won’t be so lucky next time—a second offense will saddle him with a three-second time penalty.

The officiating team issued a statement, elaborating on the incident: “On September 3, 2023, during the MotoGP race at the Gran Premi Monster Energy de Catalunya, you were found to have tyre pressures that fell short of the guidelines set by the official supplier. This action violates Article of the FIM Grand Prix World Championship regulations. As such, in accordance with Article 3.2.1 of the FIM World Championship Grand Prix disciplinary and arbitration code, we have no choice but to issue you an official warning.”

From this point on, the FIM MotoGP Stewards Panel will impose time penalties on a sliding scale for any rider breaking this rule during the current season. And don’t think they’re letting up—starting next season, any violation of this rule will result in the rider being straight-up disqualified from the race.

In related news, the stewards also revealed that Enea Bastianini has earned himself a long lap penalty for the next grand prix he participates in. Why? For causing a multi-rider wreck during the opening lap on Sunday. Initially, the penalty was served before the restart of the race, but Bastianini was absent due to being taken to the hospital for injuries sustained in the pile-up. The Ducati jockey suffered fractures in his leg and hand, which honestly sounds like a worse punishment than a long lap, if you ask me.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about MotoGP Tyre Pressure Rules

What new tyre pressure rules have been introduced in MotoGP for the 2023 season?

MotoGP has implemented new minimum front and rear tyre pressure requirements for the 2023 season. Riders must adhere to these minimum pressures for at least 50% of each grand prix and 30% of sprint races.

When did the new tyre pressure rules come into effect?

The new tyre pressure regulations were initially announced for the 2023 season but were not enforced until the British Grand Prix last month. The Tyre Pressure Management System has been fully automated since the Catalan Grand Prix.

Who was the first rider to violate the new tyre pressure rules?

Maverick Vinales was the first rider to fall foul of the new tyre pressure rules. He was discovered to have run below the minimum required tyre pressures during the Catalan Grand Prix, where he finished second.

What are the penalties for violating the tyre pressure regulations?

For a first offense, Vinales received an official warning. A second violation will result in a three-second time penalty. Moving forward, a sliding scale of time penalties will be applied for any further violations during the current season. Starting next season, any violation will lead to disqualification from the race.

What happened to Enea Bastianini in the recent grand prix?

Enea Bastianini triggered a multi-rider pile-up during the opening lap of the Catalan Grand Prix. He was initially given a long lap penalty but couldn’t serve it as he was taken to the hospital due to injuries, including fractures to his leg and hand.

Will Enea Bastianini’s penalty carry over to the next race?

Yes, the stewards confirmed that Bastianini will have to serve a long lap penalty in the next grand prix he competes in.

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MotoFanatic93 September 4, 2023 - 8:05 am

Man, Vinales got lucky this time with just a warning. But these new rules, I dunno, seem a bit too harsh? Imagine getting DQ’d just cuz of tyre pressure lol.

TechGuru September 4, 2023 - 9:07 am

So the Tyre Pressure Management System is fully automated now, huh? That’s some serious tech. Wonder how accurate it is.

Aprilia4Life September 4, 2023 - 9:09 am

Wow an Aprilia 1-2 finish! This is historic, guys. Vinales better watch those tyre pressures next time, dont wanna ruin the moment.

RuleBookRon September 4, 2023 - 1:50 pm

ya know, its all fun and games until someone gets disqualified next season. These rules are there for safety. So, kinda important?

SpeedyGonzalez September 4, 2023 - 11:30 pm

Poor Bastianini, guy can’t catch a break. First the pile-up, then hospital, and now a long lap penalty in the next race? Rough season for him.


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