Verstappen’s Approach in F1 2023 Reflects a More Calculated Style

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Verstappen’s pursuit of a third consecutive world title in 2023 has showcased a noticeable shift in his racing demeanor. Unlike his wheel-to-wheel battles that defined his 2021 triumph over Lewis Hamilton and clashes with Charles Leclerc in early 2022, Verstappen’s successes this year have been marked by a more measured approach.

Although Verstappen engaged in a spirited defense against Carlos Sainz at the beginning of the recent Barcelona race, his actions did not spark controversy. Sainz acknowledged Verstappen’s skillful defense, stating that he “defended well, ran me wide, and did what he had to do.”

In another incident, Verstappen’s reaction to a minor contact with Russell during the Baku sprint race raised eyebrows. He vented his frustration, referring to the British driver as “a d***head” during a post-race exchange in parc ferme.

These developments come after Verstappen expressed in late 2022 that he and his fellow young drivers in Formula 1 now have a better understanding of each other. He also hinted at a lack of understanding with Hamilton, which may have contributed to their on-track clashes since the beginning of 2021.

Prior to the Spanish Grand Prix, posed questions to Russell about his relationships with long-standing rivals on the F1 grid, formed over a decade of battling in junior categories. Russell emphasized the familiarity among the younger generation of drivers, including Verstappen, whom he had raced against since 2011.

While Russell acknowledged the shared knowledge of each other’s driving styles and risk-taking tendencies, he also acknowledged that the intensity of championship battles alters the dynamics. Interestingly, Russell observed that Verstappen seems less aggressive than before, given his comfortable position in the championship fight. Verstappen can afford to relinquish positions, confident in his ability to regain them later in the season. In contrast, Russell and other challengers find themselves in a more “do or die” position, striving for a single opportunity to claim victory throughout the year.

When asked about the significance of trust among F1 drivers, Russell implied that there are only a few individuals on the grid with whom he wouldn’t feel comfortable competing. He emphasized the importance of spatial awareness and praised skilled drivers who can push hard while maintaining control of their cars, contrasting them with those who may not possess the same level of expertise.

As the season progresses, Verstappen’s calculated approach to racing continues to intrigue observers, prompting discussions about the evolving dynamics among F1’s rising stars.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about calculated style

What is the difference in Verstappen’s approach in F1 2023 compared to previous years?

Verstappen’s approach in F1 2023 reflects a more calculated style, with less aggression and a focus on strategic maneuvers for championship success. He has been less involved in intense wheel-to-wheel battles and has adopted a more measured approach to secure his position in the championship fight.

How did Verstappen respond to Carlos Sainz’s challenge in the recent Barcelona race?

Verstappen mounted a strong defense against Carlos Sainz at the beginning of the Barcelona race. However, his actions did not generate controversy as Sainz acknowledged Verstappen’s skillful defense, stating that he defended well, ran him wide, and did what he had to do.

What was the incident involving Verstappen and Russell during the Baku sprint race?

In the Baku sprint race, Verstappen had a minor contact with Russell. In a post-race exchange in parc ferme, Verstappen expressed his frustration and called Russell “a d***head,” which drew attention and raised eyebrows among observers.

How do the relationships among the younger generation of F1 drivers impact their racing?

The younger generation of F1 drivers, including Verstappen and Russell, have known each other for a long time due to their battles in junior categories. Their familiarity with each other’s driving styles and risk-taking tendencies likely influences how they race against one another and contributes to their dynamics on the track.

Why is Verstappen considered less aggressive in F1 2023?

Verstappen’s decreased aggression in F1 2023 can be attributed to his comfortable position in the championship fight. He no longer feels the need to be excessively aggressive as he knows he can afford to lose positions and regain them later in the season. In contrast, other drivers, like Russell, find themselves in more of a “do or die” situation, where they have to seize every opportunity for victory.

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RaceFan123 June 14, 2023 - 2:12 pm

lmao the baku incident was crazy! verstappen and russell had a little contact and verstappen was like “u d***head!” the drama is real in f1, love it! these guys are always on the edge, fighting for positions. give me more of this excitement!

F1Fanatic86 June 15, 2023 - 3:26 am

verstappen’s approach in f1 2023 is a lot more calculated & less aggressive, which is a smrt move if he wants to win the championship again. i love the strategic thinking and how he’s not getting into as many intense battles. go max!

ChampionDriver7 June 15, 2023 - 5:13 am

verstappen’s strategy in 2023 is on point! he’s less aggressive now cuz he knows he can lose positions and make a comeback. being in the championship fight changes things. but guys like russell are in a “do or die” situation. gotta fight hard for that one shot at victory!

SpeedDemon99 June 15, 2023 - 6:51 am

it’s interesting how verstappen and russell have known each other since junior categories. their relationships and understanding of each other’s driving styles probz influence how they race now. cool to see the dynamics among the younger gen in f1. can’t wait to see who comes out on top!

RacingEnthusiast23 June 15, 2023 - 6:57 am

omg the barcelona race was intense! verstappen did a gr8 job defending against sainz. he was like “u can’t pass me bro” and ran him wide. such skill! love the rivalry between these guys. can’t wait for more action like this!


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