Verstappen’s $45,000 F1 Winner’s Trophy Breakage: Norris Points Finger

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As the custom of spraying Ferrari sparkling wine took over, Norris used his familiar trick of initiating the wine bubbles by smashing the bottle’s bottom on the ground.

He chose the podium’s top step as his base, but the impact was sufficient to dislodge Verstappen’s winner’s trophy, which was in close proximity, causing it to fall and shatter on the floor.

Norris quickly grasped the magnitude of his action, expressing shock before continuing his celebration, then breaking the unfortunate news to Verstappen.

Late on Sunday night, McLaren issued an apology to Red Bull, along with a video showing how Norris had accidentally broken the trophy.

In the post-race press conference, Norris, with a grin on his face, stated that Verstappen was to blame for placing the trophy precariously.

“Max just left it too close to the edge,” Norris remarked. “It toppled over, I suppose. It’s not my issue. It’s his!”

Hungarian F1 reporter Sandor Meszaros shared that the trophies awarded to the top three were not impromptu creations but rather valuable pieces.

Meszaros tweeted, “The #HungarianGP trophies are crafted by Herendi Porcelanmanufaktura Zrt. All are handmade, taking around six months to produce, and they cost about 40,000 euros.”

Despite the trophy incident, it was another triumphant day for Norris and McLaren, securing their second straight podium finish with a second-place standing behind Verstappen.

While Red Bull appears to be struggling currently, Norris appreciated the second-place finish, believing it was an overachievement given the faster Mercedes in Hungary.

When queried about whether McLaren now possessed the second-fastest F1 car, Norris stated, “If you look at tyre degradation, Mercedes are far superior to us. Always have been.

He continued, “Mercedes have consistently excelled in tyre degradation. If you look at qualifying, Lewis’s Mercedes was noticeably faster, so I’d say Mercedes are very close, but it’s a tight competition.”

In response to the broken trophy incident, the Herendi company, which created the cup, promised to replace it.

Herendi’s CEO, Attila Simon, told Hungary’s M4 Sport’s channel, “The teams will determine who was at fault, but we happily undertake the task of recreating it.”

The company has already commenced production on the replacement, aiming to expedite the six-month production process so that Verstappen can receive his trophy in the upcoming weeks.

Additional reporting by Köles István Ákos

Photo of the damaged trophy of race winner Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing, on the podium

Photo by: Zak Mauger / F1 Flow Images

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Verstappen

Q: What happened during Norris’s F1 celebration at the Hungarian Grand Prix?

A: During the Hungarian Grand Prix celebration, Lando Norris accidentally knocked Max Verstappen’s winner’s trophy off the podium, causing it to break into pieces.

Q: How did Norris react to breaking the trophy?

A: Norris initially expressed shock at his mistake but continued his celebration. He later informed Verstappen of the unfortunate incident.

Q: Who was blamed for the trophy breakage?

A: Norris playfully blamed Verstappen, stating that he had left the trophy too close to the edge, making it susceptible to falling over.

Q: What was the cost and significance of the broken trophy?

A: The trophy was a valuable piece, crafted by Herendi Porcelanmanufaktura Zrt, taking about six months to produce and costing around 40,000 euros.

Q: How did McLaren respond to the incident?

A: McLaren issued an apology to Red Bull for the accident and posted a video showing how Norris inadvertently broke the trophy.

Q: How did the trophy maker, Herendi company, react to the breakage?

A: Herendi company promised to replace the broken trophy and has already started the production process to expedite its completion.

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