Verstappen: “True Fans Embrace Dominance” – Red Bull’s Perspective on F1 Success

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Max Verstappen’s recent fifth-place finish in Singapore marked the end of Red Bull Racing’s astounding run of 10 consecutive victories. While some critics argued that this domination was detrimental to Formula 1 and TV viewership, the young Dutchman remains unapologetic.

In a recent interview with F1 in Suzuka, Verstappen was asked if he could see the bigger picture of Carlos Sainz’s victory being a positive for Formula 1. Verstappen’s response was unequivocal: “Honestly, I have zero interest in that. For me, it was just that we got beaten, in a very clear way. I don’t think about what is good for F1.”

Verstappen’s perspective is clear; he sees Red Bull’s dominance as a result of their superior performance. “I don’t think it’s necessarily bad what was happening to F1 because we were just better than everyone else,” he stated. “And if people can’t appreciate that, then you’re not a real fan.”

Verstappen’s unwavering belief in the value of their success is evident. He firmly believes that true fans should embrace dominance when it’s earned through hard work and performance. “But yeah, that’s how it goes. That’s why I was also super relaxed about it because we didn’t perform. Other people did a better job than us, then of course they deserved to win. They shouldn’t win because people say it’s boring that we are winning.”

When questioned about his emotional state after the disappointing result in Singapore, Verstappen maintained his composure. “No emotion. I mean, we stopped winning for one race. Shit happens,” he shrugged. “We won 10 in a row before that. Of course, I would have liked to win there as well. But I also know that there is always going to be a day you have that weekend where you’re not winning, or things go wrong.”

Despite Red Bull boss Christian Horner’s announcement that the team has shifted its R&D focus to the 2024 car, Verstappen remains confident in their ability to win the remaining races. “The regulations are not really changing that much,” he noted. “Of course, we had our things already set out in terms of upgrades to stuff. But I still think that from now onwards, we can win every single race, even with people bringing upgrades and stuff.”

When asked if he was surprised that other teams haven’t closed the performance gap significantly throughout the season, Verstappen reflected on the year. “I was more surprised at the start,” he admitted. “We all, I think at the team, expected it to be very close. And it wasn’t in the beginning. So then, of course, throughout the year, I think it’s quite a normal thing that people start looking around and start developing their own ideas, and start to get closer. But for me, it was more surprising at the start.”

In Verstappen’s eyes, their dominance is a testament to the excellence of Red Bull Racing. For him and his team, the pursuit of victory continues undeterred, and true fans, in his view, will always appreciate the pursuit of excellence in Formula 1.

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Q: What is Max Verstappen’s perspective on Red Bull’s recent Formula 1 dominance?

A: Max Verstappen firmly believes that Red Bull Racing’s recent dominance in Formula 1 is a result of their superior performance and hard work. He sees it as a testament to the team’s excellence and believes that true fans should embrace such dominance, considering it a well-earned achievement rather than something detrimental to the sport.

Q: How did Max Verstappen react to Red Bull’s loss in Singapore after their 10 consecutive victories?

A: Verstappen maintained a composed attitude, stating that there was no strong emotional reaction to the loss in Singapore. He acknowledged that in any racing season, there will be weekends when things don’t go their way, but he remained focused on moving forward and trying to win in the upcoming races.

Q: What does Max Verstappen think about the future of Red Bull Racing’s performance in Formula 1?

A: Despite Red Bull Racing shifting its research and development focus to the 2024 car, Verstappen remains confident in their ability to win all the remaining races in the current season. He believes that, given their performance and the relatively stable regulations, their car is still capable of achieving victory, even in the face of competition with upgrades.

Q: Was Max Verstappen surprised by the lack of competition at the beginning of the Formula 1 season?

A: Yes, Verstappen expressed surprise at the lack of competition at the start of the Formula 1 season. He and the team initially expected the competition to be much closer, but it wasn’t until later in the season that other teams started closing the performance gap, which he found more in line with his expectations.

Q: How does Max Verstappen view the criticism that Red Bull’s dominance was bad for the sport and TV viewership?

A: Verstappen dismisses such criticism and doesn’t dwell on whether Red Bull’s dominance is good or bad for Formula 1. He believes that their success is a reflection of their performance and doesn’t see it as detrimental to the sport. In his view, true fans should appreciate excellence in racing, regardless of which team achieves it.

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TechGeek42 September 21, 2023 - 6:26 pm

Formula 1 tech ain’t no joke, can’t wait to see what Red Bull brings next! Max’s confidence is lit.

F1Fanatic23 September 21, 2023 - 9:21 pm

max verstappen sounds like he dont care what nobody say, he just wanna race and win, that’s cool!

SpeedyRacer88 September 21, 2023 - 11:37 pm

Red Bull is da bomb, they rock the track! Max got that swag, real winner vibes.

RacingNerd456 September 22, 2023 - 12:25 am

Verstappen’s got a point, start of season was weird, now it’s heating up, exciting times!

CarLover99 September 22, 2023 - 5:19 am

tbh, F1 needs competition, but if Red Bull keeps bringin’ it, why hate on ’em? Max has his eyes on the prize!


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