Verstappen Slams F1 Sprint Format Talk, Says He’s “Not a Fan at All”

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Starting from the Baku race, teams have talked about changing the format of how sprints and grand prix happen. The new format will be official soon and all teams have agreed on it because then drivers won’t need to worry about the sprint event when racing for a grand prix.

Verstappen from Red Bull isn’t very happy with the idea of race sprints. He thinks that it will make a weekend too busy for him and his team since they already have a lot of races to compete in.

I do not think that is a good idea. I understand they want each day to be exciting, but it might be better to just make Saturday and Sunday the days for racing and keep those two days interesting.

In the future, there will be 24 or 25 races which means if we add too many things, it becomes less enjoyable for me.

Max Verstappen from Red Bull Racing won first place and is pictured here with his medal on the podium. He also thinks that sprints don’t fit in Formula 1 and that the performance of teams will improve the show automatically. He said “Rather than changing their format, Formula 1 should work towards achieving great results in qualifying and make sure Sundays are full of amazing long-distance races.”

I don’t understand why we need to change the sport because I think the action has been good. To make it more exciting, cars need to be closer together and have more teams competing for the win. That would create an awesome show! If six or seven teams are fighting for a victory, that would be incredible – so no changing is needed!

Mercedes driver George Russell didn’t like the idea of sprint races at first, but he has changed his mind. He said that now that he’s done six of them, he is more in favour because it adds extra fun for all the fans.

We need action every day and that’s exciting not just for the drivers but also for everyone watching in the stands. Practice is fine but it isn’t as fun as when we have something like a qualifying session or a short race. Everyone involved, from the teams to the fans, love this excitement.

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