Verstappen says “everything went against us” in F1 Singapore GP

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Verstappen Expresses Frustration Over F1 Singapore GP

Max Verstappen, the talented driver for Red Bull Racing, couldn’t help but voice his frustration after a challenging F1 Singapore Grand Prix. In a race where he started from 11th position, Verstappen’s journey to a fifth-place finish was laden with obstacles that seemed to conspire against him.

The first hurdle came in the form of a full safety car period triggered by Logan Sargeant’s crash. This presented an unexpected opportunity for those on the medium tire strategy to make a pitstop, effectively gaining an advantage over Verstappen, who had opted to start on the hard tires. Unfortunately, the timing wasn’t in his favor, as there was still a significant portion of the race left, making it unfeasible to switch to the faster medium tires.

Later on, a virtual safety car was deployed when Esteban Ocon stopped on the track. Normally, this could have been an opportunity for Verstappen to pit and change tires, but he lacked a fresh set of mediums like the Mercedes drivers.

Despite these setbacks, Verstappen showcased his skill by using the advantage of the medium compound tires in the closing laps to move up the order and secure a respectable fifth place. However, it was evident that without the hindrance of those safety cars, he could have aimed even higher.

Verstappen’s disappointment was palpable as he stated, “Everything went against us as well in the race with the safety cars, so it was possibly the worst-case scenario. I really think if the safety cars worked out a little bit more in our favor, I would’ve been fighting with the guys at the front.” His performance in the last stint of the race seemed to support this claim.

He went on to reflect, “It is not what we wanted, but I think today was a little bit better. We were still unlucky during the race with all the safety cars going against us.”

The frustration didn’t end with Verstappen, as his teammate Sergio Perez also faced a challenging race, starting from 13th place and battling on-track incidents with Yuki Tsunoda and Alex Albon. Despite these trials, Perez managed to finish in eighth place, but he admitted, “It’s better than nothing. To get out of here with a few points is not bad. But it was a complete disaster of a weekend.”

This demanding Singapore Grand Prix marked the end of Verstappen’s consecutive wins streak and Red Bull Racing’s perfect victory record in 2023. It served as a stark reminder that, in Formula 1, perfection is the key to maintaining dominance.

Verstappen summed it up, saying, “Everything needs to be perfect. Everyone is always saying, ‘ah look how dominant they are and look how easy it is,’ but it is never easy.” The weekend’s challenges highlighted the fine details that must align for a team to stay at the forefront of this highly competitive sport.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about F1 Singapore Grand Prix

Q: What challenges did Max Verstappen face during the F1 Singapore GP?

A: Max Verstappen encountered several challenges during the F1 Singapore GP, including a full safety car period after Logan Sargeant’s crash, an unfavorable tire strategy starting on hard tires, and the timing of safety car deployments that didn’t benefit his race. Despite these obstacles, he managed to secure a fifth-place finish.

Q: How did the safety cars affect the race?

A: The safety cars had a significant impact on the race. The first safety car period allowed medium tire starters to make a cheap pitstop, which Verstappen couldn’t take advantage of due to his hard tire strategy. Later, a virtual safety car disrupted the race again, but Verstappen lacked a fresh set of medium tires. These incidents frustrated Verstappen’s attempts to climb higher in the race.

Q: What was Max Verstappen’s performance in the closing laps?

A: In the closing laps of the race, Max Verstappen showcased his skill by utilizing the medium compound tires to move up the order. This allowed him to secure a fifth-place finish, despite the challenges he faced earlier in the race.

Q: How did Sergio Perez perform in the F1 Singapore GP?

A: Sergio Perez, Verstappen’s teammate, also faced a challenging race starting from 13th place. He endured on-track incidents with other drivers but managed to finish in eighth place. Perez described the weekend as a “complete disaster.”

Q: What did this race reveal about Red Bull Racing’s performance in 2023?

A: The F1 Singapore GP marked the end of Max Verstappen’s consecutive wins streak and Red Bull Racing’s 100% victory record in 2023. It highlighted the team’s need for perfection to maintain dominance in Formula 1, as even small details can have a significant impact on race outcomes.

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