Verstappen: I sometimes question if hectic F1 lifestyle “is still worth it”

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Verstappen has frequently expressed his unease about the expansion of F1’s schedule, which will reach a record 24 races next year and entail nearly 200,000 miles of air travel, despite minor attempts to diminish its environmental impact.

The forthcoming F1 season will start with back-to-back races in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, followed by four individual overseas races in Australia, Japan, China, and Miami, in addition to two triple-headers later in the season.

Adding to the burden, up to six sprint races per season have been introduced, putting additional pressure on team members.

Speaking with the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, Verstappen confides that F1’s relentless pursuit of growth sometimes leads him to ponder if continuing to participate “is all worth it.”

He expressed his concern about the current direction of the sport he has always loved, admitting that his enthusiasm has waned to a certain degree.

Verstappen clarified that he is not entirely opposed to change, but insisted that alterations should benefit Formula 1. He questioned the need for changes, particularly with the traditional qualifying session, emphasizing that not everything should be centered around financial gain.

He also stressed that his worries were not about his personal earnings but rather about his well-being and personal experience.

Verstappen’s workload, including the extensive marketing activities required by Red Bull, causing him to lose a “month per year,” has led him to sometimes question whether it’s worth it.

While he acknowledges travel is not the main concern, he emphasizes that the additional commitments take a toll on him. Long Thursdays on race weekends and a lot of simulator work contribute to the strain.

Regarding the possibility of leaving F1 before his 2028 deal with Red Bull concludes if the team struggles with the 2026’s new regulation cycle, Verstappen responded that things would have to deteriorate significantly. He is confident in his team but stated that if the situation turned uncompetitive, he would rather stay at home or pursue other interests. However, he does not foresee that happening.

In related news:

  • Horner, the team principal, lauded Verstappen’s “once in a generation” performances in F1.
  • Red Bull dismissed any fears of complacency amid their unprecedented domination in the sport.
  • Williams emphasized that they won’t jeopardize their future in F1 for a minor enhancement to their 2023 car.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword: Verstappen

What are Verstappen’s main concerns about the F1’s growing schedule?

Verstappen’s main concerns include the expansion of the F1 schedule to 24 races, nearly 200,000 miles of air travel, additional sprint races, and the strain on team personnel. He also mentions his unease with all the extra off-track activities, including extensive marketing activities.

How does Verstappen feel about the changes in the traditional qualifying session and sprint races?

He is not totally against change, but he questions why changes are made when things are going well. He believes the traditional qualifying session is a great format and expresses concerns about adding up to six sprint races per season.

Could Verstappen leave F1 before his 2028 deal with Red Bull ends?

Verstappen stated that things would have to be really bad for him to leave early. While he doesn’t expect his team to fall back, he also doesn’t see himself staying if they become uncompetitive in the midfield for three years.

What does Verstappen have to say about his personal well-being and the financial aspect of the sport?

Verstappen emphasizes that his concerns are about his well-being and how he experiences things, not about the money he makes. He mentions feeling overworked and sometimes questioning whether continuing in the sport is worth it.

How does Verstappen’s deal with Red Bull affect his off-track commitments?

Verstappen explains that he loses over a month per year to marketing and other off-track activities required by Red Bull, and at a certain point, he feels like not doing all that anymore.

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Sara_LoveF1 August 19, 2023 - 3:32 pm

People always think about the money but its not just about that, Max really shows his passion for the sport here, so proud to be a fan!!

Kevin42 August 19, 2023 - 3:35 pm

what’s wrong with adding new races? More fun for us fans! Verstappen should stop complaining, he’s making millions anyway.

FormulaExpert89 August 20, 2023 - 4:17 am

Traditional sessions have their charm but times are changing, we should embrace new formats! Max could be more open minded, but I get his point.

JamesRacingFan August 20, 2023 - 6:00 am

Max is right, the F1 schedule is gettin way too packed. Teams and drivers are human too! They need a break once in a while.

TinaRedBullFan August 20, 2023 - 7:53 am

Max’s concerns are valid, those marketing activities are crazy… but thats part of the deal, right? Hes the face of Red Bull after all.


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