Verstappen Dominates Rainy FP3 in Canadian GP; Sainz Crashes

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In the rain-soaked FP3 session at the Canadian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen showcased his skill by topping the timesheets, with Charles Leclerc closely behind. The session began with a track temperature of just 17.5 degrees Celsius due to the cold conditions.

Nico Hulkenberg and Kevin Magnussen from Haas were the first to brave the wet track using full wet tires. Hulkenberg set an initial time of 1m34.889s, which was quickly improved upon by Magnussen with a lap time of 1m34.797s.

Fernando Alonso momentarily took the lead with a time of 1m32.217s, despite encountering Yuki Tsunoda on the exit of the hairpin. However, Esteban Ocon soon surpassed Alonso, clocking a lap time of 1m31.428s.

Hulkenberg reclaimed the top spot briefly with a time of 1m30.721s, but Tsunoda swiftly responded with a faster lap of 1m30.685s. Ocon encountered difficulties at the final chicane but still managed to post a time of 1m30.348s.

Alonso, using intermediate tires, set impressive sector times but struggled in the hairpin braking zone, ultimately having to take an escape route. Verstappen then emerged as the fastest with a time of 1m29.190s, edging ahead of Leclerc, who had opted for a full lap on intermediates.

Valtteri Bottas briefly took the lead with a time of 1m28.968s on intermediates. However, Alonso found his rhythm and achieved a time of 1m27.517s, securing the top position momentarily.

Carlos Sainz then impressed with a lap time of 1m27.245s, surpassing Alonso. However, Leclerc demonstrated his skill by clocking 1m26.733s, claiming the top spot for Ferrari.

Hulkenberg managed to beat Leclerc by 0.3s with a time of 1m25.724s after an earlier mistake. Tsunoda secured second place behind Hulkenberg. Yet, Leclerc’s lap time of 1m25.724s stood out, making him the new leader. Sainz followed in second place, trailing by 0.4s.

Verstappen, despite facing issues with downshifts, set a blistering lap time of 1m24.977s, claiming the top position once again. However, Leclerc managed to outpace him by 0.127s, regaining the lead.

Verstappen improved further on his next timed lap, extending his lead with a time of 1m24.192s. He continued to push harder, setting an impressive time of 1m23.779s, while maintaining optimal tire temperatures.

Verstappen’s lead grew to 1.6s over the rest of the field, but Leclerc closed the gap to just over 0.2s. Verstappen managed to squeeze out a bit more time, but the rain intensified, washing away the drying line, and preventing any further improvements.

Alonso secured the third-fastest time with 1m24.483s, while Magnussen’s late charge placed him in fourth position. Sainz settled for fifth after his crash at Turn 1.

Pierre Gasly struggled initially but recovered to claim sixth place, followed by Lance Stroll in seventh. Tsunoda, who avoided crashing despite spinning, finished in eighth place, while Bottas came ninth after ending his session prematurely due to a loose right-hand wing mirror.

Lewis Hamilton completed the top 10, but he expressed frustration with the team’s decision to run in challenging conditions, as he struggled to generate tire grip.

Please note that the driver standings provided at the end are fictional and not based on real results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Canadian GP

What were the conditions like during the FP3 session at the Canadian GP?

Rain had fallen all morning, creating small puddles around the circuit. The track temperature was just 17.5 degrees Celsius at the start of the session.

Who topped the timesheets in the rain-soaked FP3 session?

Max Verstappen was the fastest driver, dominating the session with impressive lap times.

Which driver crashed during the FP3 session?

Carlos Sainz crashed during the session, hitting the wall at Turn 1 and damaging his car.

How did Charles Leclerc perform during FP3?

Charles Leclerc showcased a strong performance, consistently challenging for the top position and ultimately finishing second behind Verstappen.

Did the rain affect the session?

Yes, the rain intensified towards the end of the session, washing away the drying line on the track and preventing further improvements in lap times.

How did Fernando Alonso fare in the wet conditions?

Fernando Alonso performed well, securing the third-fastest lap time despite facing difficulties in the hairpin braking zone.

What were the preferred tires during the session?

As the track conditions evolved, intermediate tires became the favored choice among the drivers.

Did any other drivers stand out during the FP3 session?

Nico Hulkenberg, Kevin Magnussen, and Esteban Ocon had notable moments during the session, with Hulkenberg briefly leading the timesheets and Magnussen securing a fourth-place finish. Ocon also posted competitive lap times.

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speeddemon007 June 17, 2023 - 9:51 pm

Verstapen rulez! rain or shine, hez always fast n furious! but sainz needs 2 watch out, dat crash was gnarly. leclerc n alonso also impressd me, they kno how 2 handle da wet track. gonna b an intense gp!

f1lovergirl June 18, 2023 - 1:32 am

omg, fp3 in canada waz sooo wet! verstappen waz like a fish in da water, so fast! hope sainz is ok after dat crash, it looked scary. leclerc & alonso r defo showin their skillz. can’t wait 4 da race, it’s gonna b epic!

racingfan93 June 18, 2023 - 7:36 am

wow, wat a wet & wild FP3 session at canadian gp! verstappen was on fire, dominatin da rain! but sainz had a nasty crash, hope he’s ok. leclerc & alonso also showd their skillz in diz tough conditionz. can’t wait 4 da race!


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