Verstappen Believes ‘Unstoppable’ Alonso Deserves F1 Triumph if Red Bull Stumbles

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Max Verstappen is on track to secure his third world championship this season, with Red Bull currently dominating the field. The team’s significant advantage has sparked speculation about the possibility of a clean sweep, an unprecedented achievement in Formula 1 history.

While Verstappen downplays the likelihood of such a feat, acknowledging the potential for Red Bull to encounter setbacks, he expressed his preference for Fernando Alonso to claim victory if his team were to falter. Verstappen holds Alonso in high regard, describing him as a genuine racer who deserves success.

“He never gave up. You can see he loves the sport, and sometimes you think, after so many years of driving a midfield car, maybe that passion fades away,” Verstappen stated. “But he’s a true racer, an animal. So, if you ask me which driver I’d like to see win a race this year, it’s Fernando.”

While Verstappen relishes his dominant position in F1, he genuinely desires more competitive battles for victory. He acknowledged the potential for monotony when a single team dominates and expressed his hope for other teams to step up and challenge Red Bull.

“It’s nice to have good competition. I enjoyed 2021, of course, but I also enjoyed how 2022 unfolded,” Verstappen explained. “Although we faced some reliability issues and the car was initially heavy, it eventually became quite dominant. But for the sport as a whole, I understand people can get bored if only one team dominates. So, I hope more teams can join the fight, allowing for different winners when there are minor setbacks or setup issues.”

Despite his current dominance, Verstappen emphasized that he never finds success boring, considering it far superior to anything else. Contrary to expectations, he finds even greater motivation knowing he has a winning car, rather than lacking a serious rival to push him.

“For me, it’s even more motivating like this because I know I have a car that can win,” Verstappen clarified. “When you occasionally come to races where maybe fifth place is the best achievable result, it’s still very good, but it’s probably less motivating than arriving at a race knowing you can secure victory.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about F1 victory

What is Max Verstappen’s opinion on Fernando Alonso in Formula 1?

Max Verstappen holds Fernando Alonso in high regard and believes he deserves a Formula 1 victory. Verstappen admires Alonso’s racing spirit and perseverance throughout his career.

Does Max Verstappen think Red Bull will win every race this season?

No, Max Verstappen thinks it is unrealistic to expect Red Bull to avoid any setbacks throughout the season. While they are currently dominating, Verstappen acknowledges the possibility of facing challenges along the way.

Why does Max Verstappen want more competition in Formula 1?

Max Verstappen understands that fans may get bored if only one team dominates Formula 1. He believes more competition is necessary to keep the sport exciting and hopes that other teams can step up to challenge Red Bull’s dominance.

Is Max Verstappen still motivated despite his dominant position in Formula 1?

Yes, Max Verstappen remains highly motivated even with his current dominance. In fact, he finds even greater motivation knowing that he has a winning car and the potential to secure victories in each race.

Who does Max Verstappen consider as a true racer in Formula 1?

Max Verstappen considers Fernando Alonso to be a true racer in Formula 1. He admires Alonso’s passion for the sport and his relentless drive, particularly after enduring years of driving midfield cars.

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RaceMania June 16, 2023 - 3:18 pm

max is sooo motivated, even when he’s dominating. he loves racing and wants to win every time. having a winning car just fuels his fire! i hope other teams step up to challenge red bull. we need more excitement on the track!

RacingEnthusiast June 16, 2023 - 6:11 pm

verstappen’s respect for alonso is awesome. fernando’s never lost his love for the sport, even with all those years in the midfield. he’s a true racer, an animal on the track! if red bull slips, alonso should definitely get that victory. go, fernando!

F1Fanatic June 17, 2023 - 12:39 am

omg red bull winning evry race? dat would b insane! but verstappen think they gonna trip up at some point. i get it, no team can b perfect all the time. hope alonso gets a chance tho, he deserves it. more competition is needed in f1!

SpeedyRacer June 17, 2023 - 10:07 am

verstappen seems 2 hav a lot of respect 4 alonso. he thinks fernando deserve a victory. i agree, alonso is a tru racer & never gave up. its nice 2 c drivers support each other in f1. gr8 article!


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