Verstappen: Alonso, the Tenacious Racer, Worthy of F1 Victory in Red Bull’s Slip-Up

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Max Verstappen is currently on the path to secure his third world championship in Formula 1, with Red Bull exhibiting unrivaled dominance this season.

Their remarkable advantage has raised the possibility of the Milton Keynes-based team clinching victory in every race, a feat unprecedented in the annals of F1.

However, Verstappen remains cautious about the likelihood of such an achievement, recognizing that it is unrealistic to expect Red Bull to avoid any setbacks throughout the season.

When questioned prior to the Canadian Grand Prix about his preferred driver to claim the top spot on the podium should Red Bull falter, Verstappen unequivocally expressed his admiration for Fernando Alonso.

“Fernando. I hold great respect for him,” Verstappen affirmed. “He is a true racer, and I believe he deserves it.”

“He never surrendered. His passion for the sport is evident, and sometimes you can’t help but marvel at the perseverance he maintained despite years of driving a car that was only competitive in the midfield,” Verstappen continued.

“But he’s a genuine racer. A force of nature. So, if you ask me, the one driver I would like to see win a race this year is Fernando.”

While Verstappen revels in his current dominance in F1, he insists that his recent comments about desiring a more intense battle for victory were sincere.

“I genuinely appreciate good competition at times,” he explained. “Certainly, I enjoyed the 2021 season, but I also found satisfaction in the way things unfolded in 2022.”

“Admittedly, we encountered some reliability issues and initially struggled with the weight of the car. However, it eventually became highly dominant,” Verstappen elaborated.

“But for the sake of the sport as a whole, I comprehend that people can become fatigued when only one team reigns supreme. Therefore, I hope to see more teams rise up, so that if one encounters a setback or fails to achieve optimal setup, there will be another team capable of claiming victory.”

Furthermore, despite his current string of victories, Verstappen affirms that he has never grown weary of success.

“No,” he replied emphatically. “This is far more exhilarating than anything else.”

When queried about whether it becomes harder to stay motivated in F1 without a formidable rival pushing him, Verstappen expressed the contrary view.

“For me, it actually provides even more motivation because I know I have a winning car,” Verstappen clarified.

“When you occasionally approach a weekend where maybe P5 or any other position is the best you can achieve, it’s still commendable. However, it might be less inspiring than entering a race knowing that victory is within reach.”

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Who does Max Verstappen think deserves an F1 victory if Red Bull encounters issues?

Max Verstappen believes Fernando Alonso deserves an F1 victory if Red Bull fails to secure it. He praises Alonso’s tenacity and considers him a true racer who never gave up.

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