Vasseur’s Stance on Ferrari: New Hires Aren’t a Silver Bullet for F1 Success

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Scuderia Ferrari, a name synonymous with racing prestige, is facing some internal shuffling. Laurent Mekies, the team’s highly-regarded race director, is leaving his red jacket behind for a role as AlphaTauri’s team principal. David Sanchez, head of vehicle concept, is trading in his Ferrari credentials to join McLaren.

Not one to sit idly by, Team boss Vasseur has gone ahead and hired Mercedes performance director Loic Serra. But don’t expect Serra to take his place on the Scuderia bench just yet! Contractual obligations will keep him tied until 2025. That’s right, a whole three years before he can put his stamp on the team. Talk about playing the long game!

What’s Vasseur’s take on the matter? He’s planning more announcements about new hires, but he’s also emphatically clear on one thing. He’ll “never accept” that the key to Ferrari’s success lies in these fresh faces. As the former big cheese at Renault and Sauber F1, he knows a thing or two about building a winning team.

Ahead of the Dutch Grand Prix, Vasseur met with select media and didn’t hide his “frustration” with the long-winded recruitment process. “The consequence of this is that also the people joining sometimes in a couple of months – we have people starting in the company 1 January 2024, 1 July 2024, some will start the beginning of 2025 – is a very long-term process. Somehow, it’s a bit frustrating,” he bemoaned.

You might think he’s just revving his engine, but Vasseur means business. He stresses the need to push on, convinced they’ve made solid progress. However, he’s not sitting around, waiting for the calendars to flip. He knows that Ferrari’s got talent in spades, sitting right in their garage, and he trusts them to move the needle from the current fourth position in the constructors’ points.

“All the processes in F1 are quite long with a lot of inertia,” he stated, adding, “But I will never accept that we have to wait for these guys to give an improvement because I also trust the people that we have in the team.”

For Vasseur, it’s all about rallying the troops. He’s not into postponing targets or sending the wrong motivation signals. Ferrari’s approach won’t change like a pit stop; it’s consistent whether new hires are there or not. There’s no “before and after” in this race. The finish line is always the same, and for Vasseur, that’s winning.

So, if you’re a budding F1 superstar waiting for your Ferrari contract, don’t expect Vasseur to see you as the missing piece of the puzzle. He’s already got his eyes on the prize and his foot on the gas, and he’s determined to prove that Ferrari’s success isn’t contingent on new faces, but rather the passion and dedication of the team that’s already in place.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword: Ferrari

Who is leaving Scuderia Ferrari, and who has been hired to join the team?

Laurent Mekies, the race director, is leaving to become AlphaTauri’s team principal, and David Sanchez, head of vehicle concept, is joining McLaren. Team boss Vasseur has hired Mercedes performance director Loic Serra, but due to contract lengths, he will not officially join until 2025.

What is Vasseur’s stance on new hires affecting Ferrari’s success?

Vasseur has made it clear that he will “never accept” that Ferrari’s success relies on the newcomers. He emphasizes the need to trust the existing team and believes they can improve with the current resources.

When are the new recruits expected to start at Ferrari?

The new recruits will be joining the company on various dates, with some starting as early as January 1, 2024, and others not until the beginning of 2025.

What is the current position of Ferrari in the constructors’ points?

Ferrari is currently ranked fourth in the constructors’ points.

What is Ferrari’s approach towards their working methods, according to Vasseur?

Vasseur notes that Ferrari’s approach will remain consistent, whether the new hires are there or not. He stresses the importance of not postponing any targets and focusing on getting the best from what they have. There’s no “before and after” in Ferrari’s working methods.

How does Vasseur view the recruitment process in F1?

Vasseur views the recruitment process in F1 as very long and somewhat frustrating, with people joining in a span of months or even years. However, he sees it as a necessary process to build a successful team, and he’s determined to push forward with it.

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VroomVicky August 23, 2023 - 6:12 pm

loic serra joining Ferrari’s cool and all, but Vasseur’s belief in his team’s heartwarming. Real teamwork vibes, love it!

TwistyTracks August 23, 2023 - 10:24 pm

Recruiting process taking years? F1’s a tough world, and they need to be quick. Dont know if Vasseur’s plan will play out.

F1_Geek August 24, 2023 - 12:58 am

Can’t understand why they’re losing some key players like Mekies. The next season is going to be a rough one for Ferrari, mark my words.

SpeedDemon12 August 24, 2023 - 2:27 am

So Serra’s not joining till 2025?? thats like forever in F1. what r they thinking?

GearheadGary August 24, 2023 - 2:43 pm

i think they should focus on the car not just people. Aerodynamics tech is where it’s at! Ferrari needs to catch up.

NostalgicNigel August 24, 2023 - 3:51 pm

Remember the good old days when Ferrari was dominating? Miss those days. Hope Vasseur can bring some of that magic back.

RacingFan84 August 24, 2023 - 5:33 pm

Vasseur’s really backing his team here. I guess only time will tell if new blood’s needed or not! #GoFerrari


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