Vasseur: Why the FIA Was Wrong to Not Speak to Sainz Over His Australian F1 Penalty

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Near the end of the race, Carlos Sainz bumped into Fernando Alonso, making him spin. This forced officials to stop the race and they decided that the final lap should run behind a safety car in the same order as it had previously been lined up on the grid. This meant Alonso got his third place back in position.

Sainz went to the pits when Alex Albon had a car crash, but because the crash became so serious they stopped the race. Sainz was then in fourth place, but he was given an in-race five second penalty because he caused another accident! He was still sitting in his car waiting for the start again when he heard about this penalty and told his team that he should have been able to explain what happened to the people in charge.

Other racing teams saw the opportunity to take advantage and told their drivers to stay in line with the safety car. Because of this, Sainz ended up being pushed out of the trophy spots into 12th place. On top of that, Charles Leclerc got into an accident when he collided with Lance Stroll’s Aston Martin and Ferrari didn’t get any points at the end. When asked how he felt about his team’s unlucky weekend, Vasseur said that he was incredibly frustrated.

Lance and Charles crashed into each other during the first lap in the race, resulting in one car being taken out. On top of that, Carlos had a hard time trying to finish his race as he had to make an extra pit stop with the safety car at the beginning and needed to fight his way through all the other racers.

Frederic Vasseur from Scuderia Ferrari said that it is the same as Lap 1 incident. He also added that their decision was made in just five minutes and we should talk about whether this event is related to race or not.

When asked if the penalty given to Carlos Sainz was too harsh, Fernando said it was. The stewards could have looked at the data to see what had happened, and whether or not he hit the brakes. Eric Vasseur also understood why Sainz got emotional about it since his result wouldn’t be changed because of the penalty.

The speaker said that their team had to start at a disadvantage, but the driver drove with great strength and consistency until he almost reached the podium, but unfortunately lost at the last second. The speaker can understand why the driver was surprised and shocked.

Carlos Sainz was given the most unfair penalty ever, according to him and his teammate Fernando Alonso. The penalty happened at the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix race.

Team Boss Frederic Vasseur said that it is always tricky to take decisions during a live race but he also mentioned that since they had time, they should have taken time in making their decision regarding Carlos’ penalty.

“If you have to press the red button, it is important for your safety and it needs to be done quickly.”

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