Vasseur: Ferrari “made too many mistakes” in F1 Hungarian GP

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Ferrari’s Team Principal, Vasseur, expressed his disappointment with the team’s performance in the F1 Hungarian GP, citing multiple mistakes that hindered their results. Charles Leclerc encountered problems during a pitstop due to a wheel gun issue and received a five-second penalty for speeding in the pitlane, finishing in seventh place. Carlos Sainz’s race was also affected, starting from 11th position and only managing to recover to eighth.

Vasseur acknowledged that the team had hoped for better results in Budapest, but the poor outcome was influenced by their qualifying positions of P6 and P11. They took risks at the start, putting Sainz on soft tires, which worked out well initially, but the subsequent change to two sets of hard tires proved challenging. Leclerc’s race pace was good, but the penalty and wheel gun problem compromised his position, preventing what could have been a fifth-place finish.

The alternative tire allocation for the weekend presented a new challenge for all teams, and Vasseur admitted that Ferrari didn’t optimize their approach to it. Reflecting on their performance, he emphasized that they made several mistakes throughout the weekend, and it’s essential to analyze and learn from them to improve in the future.

When asked about addressing the mistakes, Vasseur pointed out that his experience on the pitwall has taught him to recognize and learn from errors. He stressed the importance of acknowledging mistakes and working with the team to rectify them, recognizing that every team, even the likes of Toto Wolff’s Mercedes, faces similar challenges.

Regarding his first half-season as Ferrari’s Team Principal, Vasseur identified qualifying performance as a key area that needs improvement. While the team feels close to Red Bull in terms of qualifying pace, they recognize that Red Bull’s race pace is dominant. Securing better grid positions is crucial to avoid dirty air and improve their chances in the races.

Overall, Vasseur acknowledged the team’s disappointment with their results but remains determined to work hard and make the necessary improvements to achieve better performances in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about F1 Hungarian GP mistakes.

Q: What were the main issues faced by Ferrari in the F1 Hungarian GP?

A: Ferrari encountered several main issues in the F1 Hungarian GP. Charles Leclerc’s race was compromised by a wheel gun issue during a pitstop and a five-second penalty for speeding in the pitlane. Carlos Sainz’s disappointing qualifying session saw him start from 11th position, making it challenging for him to secure a higher finish.

Q: How did the team principal, Vasseur, assess the team’s performance?

A: Vasseur acknowledged that the team’s performance was not as expected, and they made multiple mistakes throughout the weekend. He emphasized the need to analyze and learn from these errors to improve in the future.

Q: What challenges did the alternative tire allocation pose for Ferrari and other teams?

A: The alternative tire allocation provided a new challenge for all teams. Ferrari admitted that they didn’t optimize their approach to this tire strategy, which might have influenced their performance.

Q: What did Vasseur consider as a key issue that Ferrari needs to address?

A: Vasseur identified qualifying performance as one of the key issues Ferrari needs to address. While they feel competitive in qualifying, securing better grid positions is crucial to avoid the effects of dirty air and improve their race chances.

Q: How does Vasseur plan to address the mistakes made by the team?

A: Vasseur, with his extensive experience on the pitwall, recognizes the importance of acknowledging and learning from mistakes. He is determined to work with the team to identify and rectify the errors to improve overall performance.

Q: How did the recent races at Silverstone impact Ferrari’s results in the Hungarian GP?

A: The recent races at Silverstone, where Ferrari finished ninth and tenth due to McLaren’s improved form and a resurgent Mercedes, might have had an impact on the team’s confidence and performance in the Hungarian GP.

Q: What does Vasseur think about the potential of the Ferrari team?

A: Vasseur believes that Ferrari has the potential to perform better than what they have shown so far. Despite the challenges faced in the Hungarian GP, he remains optimistic about their capabilities.

Q: How crucial is race pace in comparison to qualifying results in F1?

A: Vasseur emphasized the importance of qualifying results, as it determines the starting positions and the advantage of being in clean air. Race pace is crucial, but being in a good starting position can significantly influence a team’s chances in the race.

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