Vasseur: Ferrari can fight Mercedes once consistency issues are solved

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According to Vasseur, Ferrari has the potential to compete with Mercedes once they address their consistency issues. Although the SF-23 has displayed impressive qualifying speed this season, it has struggled to maintain its performance over the course of a race, often losing out to both Mercedes and Aston Martin.

This trend continued in the Spanish Grand Prix, where Carlos Sainz qualified second but was overtaken by both Mercedes drivers and Sergio Perez’s Red Bull during the race. Vasseur believes that once Ferrari resolves their consistency problems, they will be able to challenge Mercedes throughout the entire race.

However, Vasseur acknowledges that Red Bull, particularly with Max Verstappen, remains a different challenge altogether. Verstappen has consistently outperformed Ferrari in qualifying and race pace. Vasseur emphasizes that Ferrari is actively keeping pace with Mercedes in terms of development, as both teams strive to catch up to Red Bull.

He highlights the ongoing competition between the teams, with Mercedes continuously introducing significant upgrades, including one in Monaco. Vasseur emphasizes that Ferrari is also making progress, with their recent upgrades yielding positive results in terms of performance. However, he admits that inconsistency remains a significant issue for Ferrari, hindering their race performance.

Vasseur commends the team’s strong qualifying form, indicating that the latest upgrade package has been effective in improving the car’s potential. Despite this progress, Ferrari still faces a substantial performance gap with Mercedes, particularly in transitioning from qualifying to race pace. Vasseur emphasizes the need for the company to focus on bridging this gap to achieve competitive performances on race day.

The Ferrari team principal also acknowledges the difficulty in predicting the car’s performance from track to track. While they are gaining a better understanding of the car’s strengths, it is challenging to determine where they will be most competitive. Vasseur notes that the performance is not solely dependent on track layout or tarmac conditions, as demonstrated by the consistent performance gap between Ferrari and Mercedes in both Miami and Monaco.

In conclusion, Vasseur remains optimistic about Ferrari’s potential to challenge Mercedes once they address their consistency issues. Despite the progress made with recent upgrades, Ferrari still needs to close the performance gap with Mercedes and improve their race-day performances to score valuable points.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about consistency issues

What are the main challenges faced by Ferrari in Formula 1 races?

Ferrari faces consistency issues in Formula 1 races, which hinder their performance. They are quick in qualifying but struggle to maintain their pace throughout the entire race.

Can Ferrari challenge Mercedes in races?

Ferrari believes that once they address their consistency issues, they will be able to challenge Mercedes in races. However, they acknowledge that Red Bull, especially with Max Verstappen, remains a formidable competitor.

How does Ferrari compare to Mercedes in terms of development?

Ferrari is actively keeping up with Mercedes in the development race, as both teams strive to catch up to Red Bull. They are introducing upgrades to increase the potential of their car and close the performance gap.

What progress has Ferrari made with their recent upgrades?

Ferrari’s latest upgrade package has shown positive results in terms of pure performance, particularly in qualifying. They have made steps forward, but inconsistency still plagues their race performances.

What are the areas of focus for Ferrari?

Ferrari aims to bridge the performance gap between qualifying and race pace, focusing on improving their consistency. They understand the importance of scoring points on race day and are working to enhance their overall race-day performances.

How does Ferrari assess their competitive performance at different tracks?

Ferrari finds it challenging to predict their competitiveness from track to track. They have started to gain a better understanding of their car’s strengths but state that performance is not solely dependent on track layout or tarmac conditions.

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