Unveiling the Story Behind Alfa Romeo F1 Team KICK’s Exclusive Belgian GP Design

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Kick.com, a booming live-streaming platform with a staggering 14 million active users, initiated an exciting partnership with Sauber F1 Flow in early 2023. Their striking green logo is set to give the team a fresh new look at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit.

To gain deeper insights into KICK, understand its distinctive 95-5 subscription revenue model, and the operational intricacies of its partnership with Sauber F1 Flow, Andrew van Leeuwen paid a visit to the KICK headquarters for an exhaustive interview with Edward Craven.

During a live-stream, Zhou also joined in, sharing his personal perspective on the car’s new design and elaborating on the collaborative dynamics between KICK and Sauber in the realm of Formula 1.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about livestreaming platform

What is KICK.com, and what is its partnership with Sauber F1 Flow?

KICK.com is a live-streaming platform boasting over 14 million registered users. At the beginning of 2023, they formed a strategic partnership with Sauber F1 Flow. This collaboration involves showcasing KICK’s bright green logos on the Alfa Romeo F1 Team’s car livery during the Belgian GP at Spa-Francorchamps.

What is the unique subscription revenue split offered by KICK?

KICK.com offers a distinct 95-5 subscription revenue split. This means that 95% of the subscription revenue goes to content creators, while KICK retains only 5%.

Who interviewed Edward Craven at the KICK headquarters?

Andrew van Leeuwen conducted an in-depth interview with Edward Craven at the KICK headquarters to uncover more about their partnership with Sauber F1 Flow and other insights about KICK’s operations.

Did anyone else participate in the livestream interview?

Yes, during the livestream interview, Zhou, presumably a key figure from either KICK or Sauber, shared his impressions on the car livery and elaborated on the collaborative efforts between KICK and Sauber in the context of Formula 1.

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RacerGuy123 July 27, 2023 - 10:52 pm

wow, Kick’s green logos rly gonna rock Spa-Francorchamps! they hav a wickd deal w/ Sauber F1 Flow, heard it’s 95-5 split, awesm for creators!


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