Unveiling of New Front Wing for Mercedes F1 at British GP

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The freshly minted design retains several key attributes of its predecessor, including the semi-detached flap and the junction of the endplate.

However, there’s a significant alteration in the loading of the wing across its breadth and its interaction with the nose.

The former triangular juncture of the endplate’s leading edge has been replaced with a smoother, more rounded end. This modification has not only necessitated an adjustment in the diveplane but also altered the camber of the endplate itself.

Due to this endplate redesign, the pod containing the infrared tyre sensor has been relocated to a position that optimises aerodynamic performance.

Mercedes W14 front wing

The leading edge of the mainplane has now been reshaped, especially in the outer part of the wing (indicated by the red arrow). This modification improves the flow by presenting the lower side of the element to incoming air and enhancing the pre-existing contours.

The design approach echoes those implemented by teams under the previous regulations but can’t be fully replicated due to the radius rules introduced last season.

Mercedes W14 front wing and nose

The formerly pinched leading edge of the mainplane in the central section of the wing has been removed (shown by the blue arrow, inset). Now, a more gradual transition that slopes towards the centreline at the nose tip is preferred.

This modification has resulted in the reprofiling of other inboard sections of the flaps above, changing their interaction with the nose.

It seems these adjustments have also brought about changes to the nose tip and the remainder of the vanity panel bodywork.

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The most conspicuous changes are visible in the two upper flaps. The chord length of their movable sections is now substantially longer than their forerunners. Considerable attention has been paid to curve the trailing edge of the upper flap just right for optimal balance between load and flow distribution.

A new, more aerodynamically efficient slot gap separator bracket in the upper outboard corner is also evident (circled and inset, above), while the remaining brackets maintain their traditional horseshoe look.

Mercedes pioneered the reveal of the aero-style brackets, although they have not been used in a race yet. Ferrari, however, has incorporated them in its front wing throughout the season. More recently, Haas has introduced its own version.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Mercedes F1 front wing redesign

What changes have been made to the new Mercedes F1 front wing?

The new Mercedes F1 front wing has undergone several changes. The endplate’s leading edge now features a rounded finish, resulting in adjustments to the diveplane and the camber of the endplate itself. The position of the infra-red tyre sensor pod has been relocated for better aerodynamic performance. The mainplane’s leading edge has been contoured in the outer section, and the previously pinched leading edge in the central section has been smoothed out. The reprofiling of the flaps and modifications to the nose and vanity panel bodywork have also taken place.

Are there any visual changes to the front wing?

Yes, there are visual changes to the front wing. The two upper flaps now have longer chord lengths for improved performance. Additionally, a new aero-focused slot gap separator bracket has been introduced in the upper outboard corner. These changes enhance load and flow distribution.

Has Mercedes introduced any innovative features in the front wing design?

Mercedes has introduced a more contoured leading edge of the mainplane in the outer section, resembling design solutions used in previous regulation formats. They have also incorporated a new aero-focused slot gap separator bracket in the upper outboard corner. These innovations aim to optimize aerodynamic performance and improve the overall efficiency of the front wing.

Have other teams implemented similar design elements?

Yes, other teams have incorporated similar design elements. Ferrari has been using aero-style brackets on its front wing throughout the season, while Haas has recently introduced its own variant. Mercedes was the first team to reveal the aero-style brackets, although they have not been used in a race yet.

What is the significance of these front wing modifications?

The front wing is a crucial component in Formula 1 cars for generating downforce and controlling airflow. The modifications made to the Mercedes front wing aim to improve aerodynamic performance, optimize load distribution, and enhance overall car balance. These changes can have a significant impact on the car’s speed, handling, and competitiveness on the track.

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SpeedDemon88 July 6, 2023 - 8:45 pm

the front wing iz such an important part of the f1 car. it helps with downforce, airflow, and all that stuff. these changes by mercedes sound exciting. wonder how they will impact the performance on the track. looking forward to some thrilling races!

RacingEnthusiast123 July 7, 2023 - 8:50 am

i think i noticed some similar thingiez on the ferrari front wing. aero bracketz seem to be popular these dayz. haas also joined the club. mercedes was ahead of the game with the bracketz reveal. can’t wait to see who has the best front wing this season!

F1Geek July 7, 2023 - 12:18 pm

i love how teams are constantly innovating with their front wing designz. mercedes has made some interesting modifications. it’s all about finding that balance between load and flow distribution. can’t wait to read more technical analysis about it. f1 engineering is fascinating!

F1Fanatic July 7, 2023 - 12:29 pm

mercedes f1 really nailed it with their new front wing design! so many changez, i’m not sure i undrstood it all. but they say it makes the car faster & better aerodynamix! can’t wait to see it in action at the British gp!


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