Tsunoda Addresses AlphaTauri F1 Braking Concerns from Gasly in 2022

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Yuki Tsunoda, driver for AlphaTauri, faced persistent braking issues during the Monaco Grand Prix, hindering his chances of securing points. Despite running ninth with 20 laps remaining, Tsunoda struggled in the rain-soaked race, losing positions to both McLarens and finishing in 15th place. In his quest to manage brake temperatures, he voiced his complaints over the team radio and even veered off the track at Mirabeau.

This was not the first time Tsunoda encountered problems with his brakes. In Spain, excessive dust emission under heavy load drew attention to the issue. When asked to elaborate on the matter by F1 Flow.com, Tsunoda explained that the problem stemmed from a long-standing “efficiency” concern at AlphaTauri. He noted that his former teammate, Pierre Gasly, had also experienced similar difficulties in 2022.

Tsunoda disclosed, “The brake issues we have date back to last year. They seemed to occur more frequently for Pierre rather than for me. However, this season, I have been encountering them more often.” He expressed his frustration, emphasizing the lack of braking efficiency and the consequent inability to push as desired, especially in wet conditions. This, in turn, affected tire temperatures, exacerbating the problem.

During the Monaco Grand Prix, Tsunoda faced issues with his brakes from the first practice session, which also impacted his qualifying performance. He lamented the need to invest extra effort into warming up the brakes, considering it an unnecessary burden compared to his competitors.

Tsunoda clarified that the problem lies in the brake material hardware, rather than a calibration issue, and affects the cars regardless of his driving style. He stressed the need for engineering intervention to find a solution, enabling him to rely less on engine braking for deceleration.

Reflecting on recent developments, Tsunoda highlighted the progress made by the team in addressing the brake concerns during the double-header with Monaco. A modified brake approach allowed for more aggressive temperature management, resulting in improved efficiency compared to the race in Monaco. Tsunoda expressed satisfaction with the team’s efforts, acknowledging the positive steps taken towards resolving the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about brake issues

What were the braking issues faced by Yuki Tsunoda in the Monaco Grand Prix?

Yuki Tsunoda encountered braking issues during the Monaco Grand Prix, where he struggled to manage brake temperatures and experienced a lack of efficiency. This affected his ability to push as desired, particularly in wet conditions.

Were the brake issues specific to Yuki Tsunoda or a general problem with AlphaTauri?

The brake issues were not specific to Yuki Tsunoda alone. He mentioned that the problems were long-running at AlphaTauri and had also affected his former teammate, Pierre Gasly, during the 2022 season.

What was the cause of the braking issues?

The braking issues were attributed to a hardware problem with the brake material, rather than a calibration issue. This problem affected the cars independently of Yuki Tsunoda’s driving style.

How did the brake issues impact Tsunoda’s performance?

The brake issues affected Tsunoda’s performance by diminishing braking efficiency and making it difficult for him to generate sufficient heat in the brakes. As a result, he was unable to push as much as he wanted, and the colder tires further exacerbated the problem.

What steps were taken to address the brake issues?

The team made some changes to the brake approach, aiming for more aggressive temperature management. This adjustment resulted in improved efficiency compared to the Monaco Grand Prix, and Tsunoda expressed satisfaction with the progress made by the team.

Is there a plan to resolve the brake issues completely?

Tsunoda emphasized the need for engineering intervention to find a permanent solution to the brake issues. The focus is on addressing the brake material hardware problem and reducing the reliance on engine braking for deceleration.

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RacingFan90 June 12, 2023 - 3:19 pm

omg yuki tsunoda brake problems again! he’s always strugglin with his brakes smh. gotta give him credit for pushin thru tho. hope the engineers fix it soon!

F1Enthusiast23 June 12, 2023 - 3:19 pm

Yuki Tsunoda and those darn brake issues, ugh! It’s such a bummer that it affected his performance in Monaco. AlphaTauri needs to step up and find a solution ASAP.

SpeedDemon June 12, 2023 - 3:19 pm

Can’t believe the brakes are actin up for Tsunoda AND Gasly! AlphaTauri, get your act together and sort out these brake problems. They can’t afford to keep losin positions in the races.

RaceTrackRacer June 12, 2023 - 3:19 pm

Kudos to Tsunoda for pushin hard despite the brake problems. It must be frustratin to not have efficient brakes, especially in the rain. Hopefully, the team can come up with a fix soon.

F1Insider789 June 12, 2023 - 3:19 pm

Interesting to hear that the brake issues have been goin on since last year. AlphaTauri really needs to work on their engineering side to find a permanent solution. Tsunoda deserves better brakes!


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