Toto Wolff’s Warning: Don’t Get Too Excited About Mercedes’ F1 Qualifying Performance

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George Russell and Lewis Hamilton will begin the race in Melbourne from the 2nd and 3rd places, which was made possible by a bad qualifying session of Sergio Perez from Red Bull team.

This progress is a good sign after the first two races that occurred Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, so much so that they had to check if there was anything wrong with their car concept.

Wolff warned not to get too excited about the extra speed from the W14 this weekend and instead focus on making longer-term gains by carrying out the planned changes. He said that it’s important to keep things rational instead of going from highs (mania) to lows (depression).

We’ve seen that cars have a lot of potential and that it’s important to make the right decisions for the long term. We need to use the most powerful package available, whether it is narrow or wide, as this will help us have more power when driving.

Lewis Hamilton from the Mercedes F1 W14 team warned that the next race could go in a different direction compared to their plan. He advised that it was important to avoid such big changes as they had achieved a good result in qualifying but could easily romanticize and change plans if the following results were not desirable.

The photo above is taken by Lionel Ng from F1Flow Images. Mercedes team never had any strict rules about how a car should look, and they now can see that some parts of the car are good. They were really happy when their cars went faster than Ferrari and Aston Martin’s cars in Melbourne.

He said it was unexpected but there are also some highs with all the lows you experience in this sport. Even though we want to win and be at the top, finishing second or third this weekend was definitely more than what we expected.

Wolff praised the engineers for doing great work in getting the tyres to work in difficult conditions. He said they did a fantastic job and got the best out of the car. Even when watching on board, it can still be seen that the car is hard to drive.

Getting the best performance out of cars like the Aston Martin and Red Bull isn’t easy. The team was able to find the perfect balance between them, so they could do their best. The people in charge of setting up the car also did a good job, plus the drivers drove well too.

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