The Secrets of Red Bull’s F1 Success: Why Aero is only Part of the Story

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Rivals are trying to figure out why the Red Bull 2023 race car is so successful. They have noticed that it has lots of downforce and runs very fast with great efficiency, plus a special feature called DRS. But they are not forgetting about how the car adjusts smoothly when it turns corners.

Red Bull cars have special parts in them and their suspensions are set up in a certain way so they can be close to the ground while racing. This helps them go faster without breaking any rules, damaging their car, or having trouble when turning corners.

The RB19 race car created by Red Bull is quick and dependable “from flag to flag”, meaning all the way through a lap. This helps drivers like Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez drive faster as it gives them more confidence in how the car will react when braking, cornering or accelerating. Mr. Monaghan pointed out that there are many other things that make the RB19 so great apart from its aerodynamics.

When asked how important the car’s ride and platform were for a successful performance by, Monaghan replied: “It has an effect, but you need to look at all of these things together.

“The ride is big factor, but it needs to work with the aero and be possible to drive on the track too.”

We need to have an engine that can work really well and be controlled by a driver. It’s a combination of different elements that all play a part in helping us get closer to the front of the race instead of staying at the back. It’s not the only thing, but it does make a big difference.

Last year, teams had to decide how fast and stiff they can make the F1 cars before it becomes difficult for them to drive. In 2022, Mercedes’ cars created enough force when very close to the ground that it caused bouncing which made it hard for them to operate properly.

This year, the racing car has gone a bit too fast and became unsteady while it was not providing enough speed.

Tom McCullough, Aston Martin’s performance director, said that maintaining a fixed aerodynamic position is essential to allow the car to drive at top speed under the current regulations. He also mentioned that keeping the car stable without excessive bouncing (known as porpoising) is very important for maximizing lap time.

Our job at the track is now easier because we know the car won’t need any changes. Last year, we were making lots of changes to stop it from going up and down which meant changing things like how much shock absorber there was, how stiff the springs were and other stuff like that. But thankfully, now we don’t have to do that anymore. Tom McCullough from Aston Martin performance says the AMR23 car works really well without needing big changes.

This picture was taken by Glenn Dunbar.

Red Bull’s Creative Suspension Ideas Out of Reach Under F1 2023 Rules

Red Bull has some great ideas when it comes to their suspension which is remarkable because everyone else was on the same level.

For the 2022 regulations, suspension systems became simpler meaning that teams had less options to adjust their car.

McCullough said this made running the car properly more difficult.

The aero map will show you how to best position your car in different circumstances. It might be tricky to balance things like slow speed and fast speed when optimizing the drag aspect of driving. Last year’s cars were very difficult to do this with, but this year’s cars are a bit easier. However, when it comes to the equipment, rules and systems that went into the car previously, it was actually simpler than now.

Dave Robson, head of vehicle performance for Williams, said that the rules about what teams can do with suspension are much stricter now than they used to be a few years back. This made it harder to make the best out of their suspension system.

We can’t use the same tricks to design a suspension layout, which makes it harder to get rid of aerodynamic issues. We need to decide when we can’t fix something due to rules and then try a new way – like giving up some downforce – by changing how it is designed.

Recently, while Daniel Ricciardo was out exploring in an RB7 race car, Red Bull Racing were able to get really creative with the suspension. However, under the new F1 racing regulations in 2023, this won’t be possible!

Red Bull Racing

Red Bull’s racing rivals are trying to figure out how the team made such a great car. But Red Bull says they didn’t do anything special, when asked if they had made a huge leap forward since last year, Red Bull said: “It doesn’t feel like we’ve made a massive step.”

Before we did the first test or race, people were worried that our car wasn’t as good as we wanted it to be. But with all the smart people in Milton Keynes working on this project, we are sure to create the best car possible and make lots of progress. Ultimately, if our competition does better than us, then we won’t do 100% great.

We’re very lucky in Milton Keynes because we have a lot of talent. However, this means that other teams are trying to catch up to us. We can’t be complacent and have to keep working hard even if there are times when we make small mistakes which could result in fewer points than expected.

“So, it’s far from finished. There is still a lot to do in this situation.”

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