The Scandalous Discovery: How the FIA Uncovered Crashgate at 2008 Brazil F1 Finale

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Recently, Bernie Ecclestone (a former Formula 1 leader) made some remarks about Nelson Piquet Jr’s crash in the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix. He believes that him and the then FIA president Max Mosley knew what happened before they gave out the world title at that time. This reaction has caused Massa to take action.

Recently, Mr. Ecclestone gave an interview on the F1-Insider website. In it, he mentioned that he said some special words in order to keep Nelson Piquet calm and protect the sport from a huge scandal. He also said that at that time, according to the rules of the FIA, Lewis Hamilton’s title position was untouchable after the awards ceremony at year’s end and everything ended up being okay as Hamilton received his trophy.

We had all the information we needed to look into this problem. The law said that we had to cancel the race in Singapore given those circumstances. Mr Ecclestone has hinted that there might be an attempt to hide this from the public and it looks like Massa is going to take action on this.

The Brazilian might have felt angry because if the FIA knew about this during 2008, why didn’t they investigate it right away? This question was answered a few years ago in 2021 by Max Mosley and Charlie Whiting, who were featured in the documentary film called ‘Mosley: It’s Complicated’.

The F1Flow.com website watched complete interviews of the FIA to see what they knew and when they first learned about the issue, which was then deleted from the movie’s final version. They also found out why nothing was done right away.

“The True Story Behind Nelson Piquet Jr

At the 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix, which was a big race between Felipe Massa and Lewis Hamilton, Nelson Piquet Jr. revealed to Whiting that he had crashed at the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix intentionally. After the race there were some theories about what happened but nothing too serious. Sadly, Whiting passed away in 2019.

I was talking to Nelson Piquet Sr, who I had been a mechanic for many years. We were in my office having a chat until suddenly he shut the door and pushed his foot against it so no one could come in.

He told me something that happened in Singapore related to Flavio Briatore – it seemed like Flavio made Nelson’s son crash during the race.

When I heard the news, I was really surprised. My friend asked me to keep it a secret and not tell anyone else, but I did tell Max about it. This was backed up by my friend’s dad who said it was true when he was first asked about it in 2009.

While I was in Brazil, I spoke to Charlie. I asked him what might happen if I told people about Nelson and I was scared that it could affect his career negatively.

Nelson Piquet Jr’s Sudden Firing Uncovers Suspicious Events at Race Organizing

Charlie Whiting, who is the Race Director of the FIA and in charge of organizing races, told Mosley what Piquet said. However, the FIA decided not to investigate right away since there was no actual evidence that Piquet had been asked to crash on purpose. Mosley, a former lawyer, explained that they couldn’t start the investigation even although Piquet’s dad stated it because there was no proof.

The team had suspected that something was going on but nothing could be seen as evidence. Then, in the summer of 2009, Nelson Jr. was fired from the team, and his dad spoke to me in Monaco about what happened. I just said that it was terrible without mentioning that other people already knew about it.

Mosley ordered some older investigators to talk with Piquet Jr. and get details about the incident, but he still didn’t think it was enough to take any action.

Mosley said, “We had a signed statement from him but it wasn’t enough. Even if I had the whole story and Nelson Jr gave evidence, the defence would still say he was just being spiteful and trying to cause trouble.”

Uncovering the Truth Behind Nelson Piquet Jr’s Crash at the 2009 Belgian Grand Prix

Nelson Piquet Jr. crashed his car (Renault R28) into the wall during a race so the FIA (racing organization governing body) sent investigators and lawyers to interview members of Renault Team at the 2009 Belgian Grand Prix. They had to be careful, because if Flavio found out they were there, he could have stopped it all!

When the FIAHold conducted interviews to understand what happened, they started with Fernando Alonso. He said he didn’t know anything about the situation. This convinced the FIA World Motor Sport Council. Max Mosley also confirmed this.

Many people believed Alonso knew something, but the chief superintendent who had lots of experience questioning people thought he was being honest.

Following that, Pat Symonds was asked about it because he was involved too, and since he is an honest person, he couldn’t answer the question.

The FIA wanted to make sure they had all the evidence they needed before taking action, so when they heard what had happened they called in Flavio. Once he said something that was like a confession, the World Council banned them and that’s the end of it. The main question for Massa is if the FIA could have acted sooner when they first heard about it.

– Massa is exploring the legalities of the 2008 F1 title results.

– After a crash in the Australian GP, Gasly was pleased with his pace.

Verstappen showed great restraint even though he lost the lead during the Australian GP.

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