The Incredible Story of How Alesi Finished Second After Running Back to the F1 Pits

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Jean Alesi had only placed 6th in the qualifying lap, and his terrible start made things worse as he spun out at Turn 1. He ended up causing a crash when Mika Salo from Tyrrell was hit from behind by Luca Badoer’s Minardi. Olivier Panis of Ligier also crashed nearby when he collided with Pierluigi Martini’s Minardi.

Things got more chaotic in the lap. Johnny Herbert’s Benetton collided with Rubens Barrichello and both of them ended up getting into trouble because of Badoer. Jean Alesi, who was driving Ferrari 412T2 was pictured by the images from Sutton and F1Flow.

Alesi noticed that a lot of cars were on the race track, including his Ferrari which was stuck on top of the kerb. The race had been stopped, so both Alesi and Barrichello ran back to the pits.

Alesi said he had spun out while braking at the first corner since it was dirty and slippery there. His engine then shut off.

Michael Schumacher felt really hopeless when suddenly he saw a red flag. He thought it was a miracle sent from God. There are photos of him with Jean Alesi and Johnny Herbert, taken by F1Flow Images and Ercole Colombo respectively.

At the beginning, David Coulthard was the leader in his Williams race car. However, on lap six something went wrong and he had to slow down. This allowed Michael Schumacher (in a Benetton car) and Damon Hill (Williams teammate) to pass him by. Coulthard managed to pass Schumacher again but was stopped after this point due to a more serious problem with his car’s throttle system.

After a tough competition with Schumacher, Damon Hill from William FW17 pulled ahead and was in the lead until he stopped for a break. Alesi also took a break but kept running for some time and got second place behind Hill. After that, Alesi tried his best to catch up to Hill but couldn’t manage to pass him. In the end, Hill won by 6.4 seconds!

Hill said that his tenth Formula One victory was like nothing he’d ever experienced before. He had a tough race with Michael but he managed to slip past him and gain some space in front. But even after that, he was still worried that Jean may catch up. Hill was very happy when he finally grabbed his 10th F1 win!

Schumacher came in third place followed by Herbert in fourth. Frentzen was fifth for Sauber, and Berger came after him. In total, only nine cars finished the race with Schiattarella coming last. Besides this article, you can also read “Top 10: Formula 1’s Most Chaotic Startline Incidents” and “20 Years Ago: When F1 Was Like Qualifying From Start To Finish”.

Jean Alesi in Ferrari 412T2 was definitely the star of the show. He sprinted back to the pits and got a second place finish.

“The car was really good, so I drove it real hard,” said Jean. “It had the same potential as a William’s car would have. If I hadn’t wasted time with overtaking, I may have even won!” he added.

But he didn’t worry much since he was very lucky to be racing in the first place!

I want to show you a picture. It was taken by F1Flow Images.

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