The Impact of Alpine’s Executive Reshuffle on its F1 Team

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Falling behind resurgent McLaren for fifth place in the constructors’ championship after a double DNF at the British Grand Prix has compounded Alpine’s mid-field struggle. Furthermore, off-track issues haven’t been easy to navigate either, with the Enstone-based team facing sharp critique from CEO Laurent Rossi at the Miami Grand Prix due to “unacceptable” and “amateurish” performances.

This prompted a reorganisation at Alpine, moving F1 engine head, Bruno Famin, into a newly crafted role as VP of Alpine F1 Flows, responsible for overseeing all competitive activities. However, this shift isn’t simply a reaction to Alpine’s F1 struggles or a political manoeuvre. Instead, it arises from Rossi’s recognition that he cannot fully devote his attention to Alpine’s motorsport activities if the French brand is to meet its objectives in the broader automotive sector.

This shift positions Famin in a more superior role, with F1 team principal Otmar Szafnauer now reporting to Famin rather than Rossi. This enables Alpine to have an individual who can concentrate on both the F1 team and its other motorsport commitments with the needed focus.

Discussing the restructuring with F1, Famin emphasized that the change was more about the brand’s ambitious goals and had nothing to do with the current F1 team’s situation. He mentioned that Rossi needed to focus more on the brand’s rapid development, even if his love for motorsport remained.

From Famin’s perspective, this change is beneficial for Alpine’s F1 endeavours as it simplifies the reporting structure and ensures dedicated efforts to improve results.

While acknowledging the importance of attention to detail, Famin believes the new setup will help achieve their goals across all motorsport programs, including F1, Le Mans, and endurance.

Having been the executive director of Alpine’s Viry-Chatillon engine program, Famin already maintains regular contact with Alpine F1 team boss Szafnauer and expresses full confidence in the work being done.

Despite Rossi’s headline-making critiques implying dissatisfaction with some aspects of the team’s operation, Famin feels the situation has improved. He reinforced that the team is striving for the best possible performance at every event, and the goal is to provide the best possible car to the drivers.

The 100-race plan introduced by Rossi in 2021, setting Alpine up as consistent podium contenders by the next year, is set to continue unchanged. Famin’s new role is expected to streamline infrastructure and development improvements necessary for Alpine to reach this 100-race target.

Famin insists he won’t venture into micromanagement or infringe on Szafnauer’s domain, and believes that his everyday involvement will assist in pushing for the achievement of the team’s objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Alpine executive reshuffle

Why has Alpine’s F1 engine chief Bruno Famin been moved to a newly created role?

Famin’s move to the position of VP of Alpine F1 Flows is part of a strategic reshuffle aimed at balancing Alpine’s motorsport activities and their broader objectives in the automotive sector. He will now oversee all competitive activities, with the F1 team principal reporting directly to him.

What does the new structure mean for the F1 team?

The new structure simplifies the reporting hierarchy and ensures dedicated focus on the F1 team’s improvement. Bruno Famin, now in a superior role, will have more oversight and will be able to guide the team more effectively towards achieving their goals.

What was the reason for CEO Laurent Rossi’s criticism of the team?

CEO Laurent Rossi criticized the team for what he described as “unacceptable” and “amateurish” performances at the Miami Grand Prix. This criticism was part of the reason that led to the management reshuffle at Alpine.

Is the 100-race plan declared by Rossi in 2021 still in effect?

Yes, the 100-race plan that Rossi declared in 2021 is still in effect. The plan envisions Alpine becoming regular podium contenders by the next year. The recent reshuffle aims to streamline the execution of this plan.

What is Bruno Famin’s view on the management reshuffle?

Bruno Famin sees the reshuffle as a positive move. He believes it will help him be more dedicated to improving results for Alpine’s F1 effort and the other motorsport commitments of the brand. He also thinks it will help in achieving their goals across all motorsport programmes, including F1, Le Mans, and endurance racing.

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