Ten things we learned at the 2023 F1 Spanish Grand Prix

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After a series of street circuits and semi-permanent venues dominating the early part of the 2023 calendar, Formula 1 returned to the classic Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain. Although the familiar result of Max Verstappen’s victory wasn’t surprising, there were several noteworthy aspects that unfolded during the race. Here are the key points of interest from the Spanish Grand Prix:

  1. Verstappen’s dominance continues: Verstappen’s victory further solidified his march towards the title, with his 40th F1 grand prix win putting him just one behind Ayrton Senna’s career tally.

  2. Mercedes makes a comeback: Mercedes’ upgrades brought them back into the game, and their double podium finish confirmed their resurgence.

  3. The “old” final sector adds a new challenge: Returning to the old layout in the final sector of the circuit introduced a tyre degradation factor, adding more strategic variation and creating interesting battles.

  4. Ferrari’s inconsistency continues: Ferrari’s inconsistent performance continued to raise concerns as they slipped behind in fourth place in the F1 standings.

  5. Aston Martin’s weaknesses exposed: Barcelona exposed Aston Martin’s weaknesses, preventing them from competing with the leading teams at the front.

  6. Russell’s rain shower false alarm: George Russell mistakenly reported rain during the race, raising hopes for an exciting twist, but it turned out to be sweat rather than precipitation.

  7. Alpine’s steady progress: Alpine showed improvement and secured a lonely road to fifth place in the championship, with three consecutive double-points finishes.

  8. Zhou impresses for Alfa Romeo: Zhou Guanyu delivered an outstanding performance for Alfa Romeo, earning ninth place and boosting his future prospects.

  9. McLaren’s qualifying success doesn’t translate to the race: Despite a strong qualifying performance, McLaren struggled in the race, leaving them disappointed and off the pace.

  10. Steiner’s controversial comments: Guenther Steiner, Haas team boss, received a reprimand from the stewards for his critical comments about the inconsistency of decision-making in Formula 1.

These ten takeaways from the Spanish Grand Prix offer insights into the current state of Formula 1 and the performances of the teams and drivers involved in the race.

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F1FanBoy007 June 6, 2023 - 8:56 am

wow dis summary abt da Spanish Grand Prix iz spot on! Verstappen is on fire & Mercedes be like “we back baby!” Aston Martin needs 2 work on deir weaknesses tho, while Ferrari be inconsistent as usual. Loving Alpine’s progress & Zhou’s impressive drive. McLaren’s qualifying success ain’t carryin’ ova to de race. Steiner got in trouble but he ain’t backin’ down. Can’t wait for the next race!


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