Taylor Gets Candid About Leaving Corvette, Heading Back to WTR

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Taylor Gets Candid About Leaving Corvette, Heading Back to WTR

In sports car racing news, Taylor’s switcheroo back to Wayne Taylor Racing (WTR) was officially declared last week. Next year, he’ll be at the helm of an Acura ARX-06 LMDh in the IMSA SportsCar Championship, with Louis Deletraz as his co-driver.

But hold up! This isn’t just about him leaving Corvette; it’s about Taylor parting ways with General Motors (GM) after an association that lasted longer than your favorite movie series. He’s been wheeling Corvette DP and Cadillac DPi for GM since his earlier days at WTR from 2013 to 2019.

Taylor spilled the beans to media outlets (F1 Flow.com got the scoop) about why he’s shifting gears. With IMSA replacing the GT Le Mans class for GTE cars with a new GT3-based GT Daytona Pro category in 2022, he’s rethinking his position and zooming back to the prototype game.

Picture this: the 32-year-old Taylor once saw himself ending his career at GM, especially after his dream move to Corvette Racing. But with rule changes messing with class structures and Le Mans regulations (GTE Pro getting the axe post-2022), Taylor’s enthusiasm and driving passion went into a skid.

He confessed that making the final decision was like choosing between your favorite gaming consoles, but the excitement of prototype racing and the prospect of racing for overall victories, especially at Le Mans, made it an opportunity he couldn’t resist.

When pressed about a comeback to the family business, WTR, after heading to Corvette in 2020, Taylor said, “No way, José!” He felt like those days were ancient history, having already snagged two championships, a couple of Rolexes (Daytona 24 Hours, not wristwatches!), and other victories.

But like a plot twist in a thrilling movie, rule changes brought back his itch for prototypes. And with Andretti entering the picture and a second car option, he was all ears for that conversation.

As for going back to GM’s Cadillac in the rebranded GTP class? That topic was quieter than a tech nerd’s social life. Most assumed Taylor was forever a Corvette dude, and opportunities with Cadillac seemed as rare as a limited-edition collector’s comic.

Returning to the family and possibly reliving his prime years with Ricky is the cherry on top. Taylor is revved up to kickstart his journey with Louis, all set to create fresh memories that’ll have fans on the edge of their race car-themed gaming chairs.

In other news, Porsche’s IMSA line-up welcomes Newgarden for Petit Le Mans, Jenson Button takes on IMSA GTP Porsche 963 at Petit Le Mans, and Aitken scores a full-time IMSA role with Cadillac for 2024.

So fasten your seatbelts, racing fans! Next season is shaping up to be more thrilling than a crossover episode of your favorite geeky shows.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword Taylor

What is the main focus of the article?

The main focus of the article is Taylor’s decision to leave Corvette and return to Wayne Taylor Racing (WTR) in the IMSA SportsCar Championship, driving an Acura ARX-06 LMDh.

How long was Taylor associated with General Motors (GM)?

Taylor was associated with General Motors (GM) for more than a decade, participating as a driver for over four seasons with Corvette and driving Corvette DP and Cadillac DPi machinery during his first stint at WTR from 2013 to 2019.

Why did Taylor decide to leave Corvette and GM?

Taylor’s decision to leave Corvette and GM stemmed from the changing landscape of the IMSA championship. The replacement of the GT Le Mans class with the GT3-based GT Daytona Pro division, along with alterations to Le Mans rules, impacted his passion for driving and the style he enjoyed. These changes prompted him to consider returning to prototype racing.

Did Taylor ever envision returning to WTR after his time with Corvette?

No, initially Taylor did not anticipate returning to WTR after his move to Corvette in 2020. He considered that chapter closed after having achieved several victories, including championships and Daytona 24 Hours wins. However, changing rules and circumstances reignited his interest in prototype racing and eventually led to his return.

How did the option of returning to WTR with a second car come about?

The possibility of Taylor returning to WTR with a second car became feasible when Andretti entered the scene. With this opportunity on the horizon, conversations started early and Taylor decided to jump back into the action.

Was Taylor ever considered for Cadillac’s GTP class?

While Taylor was closely associated with GM’s Corvette, the idea of joining Cadillac’s rebranded GTP class wasn’t extensively discussed internally. It seemed that many assumed Taylor was primarily a Corvette enthusiast, and the options with Cadillac were limited at the time.

What is Taylor’s sentiment about rejoining the family-run team?

Taylor is thrilled about reuniting with the family-run Wayne Taylor Racing. He expressed excitement about returning to a team where he had spent some of his best years, including successful moments with Ricky Taylor. He looks forward to making new memories on the family side.

What other updates are mentioned in the article?

The article also briefly mentions updates such as Josef Newgarden joining Porsche’s IMSA lineup for Petit Le Mans, Jenson Button participating in IMSA GTP Porsche 963 at Petit Le Mans, and Aitken’s promotion to a full-time IMSA role with Cadillac for 2024.

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