Szafnauer Insists F1 Race Finish Rules are Adequate Despite Melbourne Chaos

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The Melbourne race had to be stopped for the third and final time on Lap 57 of 58 after a crazy restart. This caused a 30 min delay so that everyone could figure out how the event would end. After that, with only one lap left, the safety car drove in-front of all the remaining cars across the line according to how they were lined up on their last restart. This gave them an unexpected finish which wasn’t great for drivers who didn’t get to continue racing.

Pierre Gasly, who is a driver from Alpine’s team, was really upset after he crashed out during the final restart. He saw some of his competitors follow the safety car for their final lap and couldn’t get any points because of this decision. The way the race ended followed FIA’s rulebook rules exactly, which raised some concerns about if these rules need to be changed to avoid what happened at Albert Park again in the future.

Alpine’s Szafnauer thought the rules are OK even though his other driver Esteban Ocon didn’t get any points after a crash with Gasly. He said that if you change the rules for this one situation, it could cause problems in other situations.

The rules in the race can’t be changed. At the end of the season, it’ll be hard to say if they were good or bad because of how many different situations they could help or hurt. I think overall the rules are okay as they are.

My opinion is that we need to make and follow strict rules when it comes to something. After that, if someone wants to talk about them afterwards, they can do so. The photo attached shows the marshals taking away Esteban Ocon’s car, which was damaged during the race.

The person joked that he wished the race would have been 55 laps long when both Alpines were still scoring points. When asked if Alpine had wanted the race to end earlier than its last lap, the person replied that they had pushed for it so they could score better.

At Turn 1, Pierre was probably in fourth place. We asked the officials to do something but we weren’t sure what would happen. The officials made a decision and it was the right one because that’s how the rules work.

Alonso believes that the usual order of Formula One racing teams may be different when they reach Europe.

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