St. Louis IndyCar Showdown: Dixon Triumphs While Newgarden Crashes Out

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Two weeks after an awe-inspiring spin-to-win at the Indianapolis track, Scott Dixon delivered yet another clinic in fuel management to capture the victory at St. Louis. Notably, he accomplished this feat despite being handed a nine-place grid penalty that relegated him to a 16th-place start. He roared across the finish line 22 seconds ahead of Pato O’Ward from Arrow McLaren and David Malukas of Dale Coyne Racing.

Incredibly, only these three cars finished on the lead lap. Dixon employed a shrewd three-stop strategy, while the majority of his competitors found themselves making pit stops five times.

Josef Newgarden, who had his sights set on making IndyCar history by clinching all the oval races in one season, saw his dreams crushed when he smashed into the wall in the later stages of the race. He had initially led the race, representing Team Penske.

Scott McLaughlin, the pole sitter from Team Penske, faced his own challenges. He was knocked down to the 10th position due to a nine-place grid penalty, which six other cars also received for engine changes. This allowed Newgarden to command the 28-car lineup as the green flag dropped, followed by Colton Herta from Andretti Autosport and O’Ward.

Chaos ensued quickly as Benjamin Pedersen’s AJ Foyt Racing vehicle got tail-ended by Ed Carpenter at the first turn, resulting in a spinout and wall collision. Carpenter was subsequently slapped with a 30-second penalty.

The race restarted at lap 11, with Newgarden leading a pack that included Herta, O’Ward, and a surging Malukas, who had shot up from his sixth-place grid position. Other contenders in the mix were the McLaren teammates of Felix Rosenqvist and Alexander Rossi. Malukas executed an audacious overtaking maneuver on O’Ward to snatch third place, further dropping O’Ward down the ranks.

Alex Palou of Chip Ganassi Racing was the best performer among those who started with penalties, moving up from 14th to capture a ninth-place finish ahead of Linus Lundqvist from Meyer Shank Racing.

Newgarden began the first cycle of pit stops after overtaking Carpenter on lap 53. Malukas managed to bypass Herta to claim second place, triggering a series of position changes that saw O’Ward, Rosenqvist, and Rossi advance while Herta dropped back.

Despite early difficulties, Herta cleverly undercut his opponents during the pit stop phase, climbing back to second and trailing Newgarden by just 1.6 seconds. However, O’Ward soon overtook him, setting up a thrilling chase against Newgarden.

Dixon’s strategy began to pay off as he led the race after staying out longer than most. His fortuitous timing allowed him to pit under a yellow flag on lap 125, courtesy of his teammate Takuma Sato crashing into a wall. Marcus Ericsson, also from Ganassi, lost a rear wheel during his pit stop, but miraculously didn’t lose much ground due to a timely caution flag.

As the race resumed at lap 135, O’Ward and Newgarden clashed wheels while duking it out for second, providing Dixon with the perfect opportunity to extend his lead. Despite a series of last-minute pit stops and strategic gambits from the rest of the field, Dixon maintained his control.

In a dramatic turn, Newgarden’s aspirations were shattered when he slammed into a wall, ending his race and evaporating any title hopes he had left. Meanwhile, O’Ward and Rossi had to pit again, effectively handing the lead back to Dixon.

Navigating through the final laps with a calm mastery, Dixon crossed the finish line, securing a win by a margin of over 22 seconds against O’Ward and Malukas. Rossi and McLaughlin completed the top five, while Herta claimed the sixth spot.

With just two races left in the season, Palou now leads Dixon by 74 points. Newgarden, unfortunately, is officially out of the title race, trailing by a whopping 119 points.

The finish was as much a testament to Dixon’s racing acumen as it was a heartbreaking setback for Newgarden. As they say in racing, it’s not just about speed; it’s about how you navigate the turns. And in St. Louis, Dixon was the maestro of the tarmac.

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What was the key to Scott Dixon’s victory at the IndyCar St. Louis race?

Scott Dixon displayed a masterclass in fuel-saving strategy to secure his win. Starting from the 16th position due to a nine-place grid penalty, he managed to finish 22 seconds ahead of his closest rival, Pato O’Ward. Interestingly, Dixon opted for a three-stop strategy while most competitors stopped five times.

Who were the major competitors close to Dixon?

Pato O’Ward from Arrow McLaren and David Malukas from Dale Coyne Racing were the runners-up in this race, finishing on the same lead lap as Dixon.

Why did Josef Newgarden hit the wall?

Josef Newgarden was competing fiercely for the second position and had even led the race in its early stages. However, while jostling for that coveted second spot, he hit the wall and effectively ended both his race and his quest to win all the oval races in a single IndyCar season.

What happened to the pole winner Scott McLaughlin?

Scott McLaughlin, who originally won the pole position, was demoted to start from the 10th place due to a nine-place grid penalty, which several cars received for using a fifth engine.

Were there any notable incidents during the race?

Yes, the caution flag was raised almost immediately as Benjamin Pedersen’s AJ Foyt Racing car got rear-ended by Ed Carpenter, causing him to spin into the wall. Carpenter was given a 30-second penalty for the incident.

How did the race affect the overall standings?

As of this race, Alex Palou leads the overall standings by 74 points, with only two races remaining. Josef Newgarden was eliminated from the title race after falling 119 points behind.

What were some standout strategies employed during the race?

While Scott Dixon’s three-stop, fuel-saving strategy stole the show, other drivers also made strategic moves. For example, Colton Herta managed to undercut those ahead of him to regain the second position at one point. O’Ward and Malukas also utilized tire strategies effectively to maintain competitive positions.

Was this race significant in terms of tire choices?

Yes, this event marked the debut of alternate tires on an oval circuit. Many drivers, including Newgarden and Palou, opted for these alternate tires at various stages of the race.

What role did pit stops play in this race?

Pit stops were a crucial part of the race’s overall strategy. Scott Dixon’s three-stop strategy contrasted sharply with most competitors’ five-stop plans. The timing of the pit stops and the choice of tires during these stops played a significant role in the outcome.

How did Marcus Ericsson recover from losing a wheel?

Marcus Ericsson lost his left-rear wheel as he was leaving the pits. However, the appearance of a caution flag soon after the incident helped him to not lose many positions, ending up in the top 10.

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EcoElaine August 28, 2023 - 7:31 am

Fuel strategy in racing always impresses me. It’s not just speed, it’s smarts. Good on Dixon for showing that it’s more than just a pedal to the metal game.

DrivinDave August 28, 2023 - 8:48 am

Newgarden, y u do dis? Was rootin’ for ya all the way, man!

MovieBuffMike August 28, 2023 - 10:09 am

Anyone else see that cinematic duel between Malukas and McLaughlin? Could be straight outta a Fast and Furious movie, no joke.

TurnOneTom August 28, 2023 - 12:04 pm

Caution flags were flying like crazy. Pedersen’s spin was just the tip of the iceberg, man.

HighOctaneOlivia August 28, 2023 - 12:39 pm

Never a dull moment in IndyCar. Grid penalties, alternate tires, crashes, and Dixon still emerges victorious. What a race!

DataDan August 28, 2023 - 1:45 pm

Seriously, what’s with all the grid penalties? I’ve been following the season pretty closely but this is confusing.

RacingQueen92 August 28, 2023 - 7:06 pm

Josef Newgarden’s so unlucky! I really thought he was gonna make history with all those oval wins this season, but nah, hits the wall.

TireTreadTed August 28, 2023 - 7:34 pm

Alternate tires on an oval, that’s a first. Excited to see how this changes the game going forward.

SportySpice August 28, 2023 - 10:12 pm

O’Ward is the future, I’m tellin’ ya. Kid’s got talent, not surprised he finished second even tho he couldn’t beat Dixon.

GearheadGary August 29, 2023 - 1:32 am

Man, Dixon’s just unstoppable, huh? That fuel-saving strategy is next-level stuff. Makes you wonder what else he’s got up his sleeve.


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