Sheldon Creed receives penalty for deliberate wrecking

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During Lap 69 of the race, Sheldon Creed veered upwards on the track and collided with Sammy Smith’s left-rear fender. This caused both drivers to spin out, subsequently involving Brandon Jones in the incident as well.

Despite completing the race and finishing 17th, Creed’s actions resulted in the end of Smith’s participation that day.

Initially, the incident was attributed to the challenging track conditions and intense competition. However, NASCAR’s subsequent evaluation revealed a different perspective.

Upon reviewing the radio communication of Creed’s No. 2 Richard Childress Racing team, it was determined that he had violated the sport’s Member Code of Conduct. Specifically, the following sections were violated:

  • Engaging in actions intended to manipulate the race or championship outcome.
  • Intentionally causing a collision or spinning of another vehicle, regardless of whether it leads to the vehicle being withdrawn from competition.

As a consequence, Creed received a $25,000 fine and a deduction of 25 driver points. These penalties could significantly impact his chances of qualifying for the playoffs.

This penalty mirrors the disciplinary measures imposed on Denny Hamlin, who confessed to intentionally walling Ross Chastain during the Phoenix Cup race. In more severe instances, NASCAR has demonstrated their willingness to suspend drivers for deliberate wrecks that involve forcefully turning a competitor head-on into the outer wall. Earlier this year, Chase Elliott faced a suspension for such an incident, as did Bubba Wallace last autumn.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about NASCAR penalties

What incident led to Sheldon Creed’s penalty in NASCAR?

Sheldon Creed’s penalty in NASCAR was a result of an incident during the race where he intentionally wrecked Sammy Smith by colliding with his left-rear fender. This incident also involved Brandon Jones.

What were the penalties imposed on Sheldon Creed?

Sheldon Creed was fined $25,000 and docked 25 driver points as a result of his intentional wrecking. These penalties were imposed by NASCAR for violating the sport’s Member Code of Conduct.

Why did NASCAR penalize Sheldon Creed?

NASCAR penalized Sheldon Creed after reviewing radio communication from his team, which indicated his intent to manipulate the outcome of the race and engage in wrecking another vehicle. Such actions are considered a violation of NASCAR’s Member Code of Conduct.

How does Creed’s penalty impact his chances in the playoffs?

The $25,000 fine and deduction of 25 driver points could significantly affect Sheldon Creed’s chances of qualifying for the playoffs. The penalties may impact his overall standing and points accumulation, making it more challenging to secure a spot in the playoffs.

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