Sergio Perez’s Brake Problem Leads to a “Passenger” Ride in Q1 Incident

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Perez was running late for his qualifying session and ended up falling behind Max Verstappen. Once he got in the qualifying, he had an issue with locking his front wheel which caused him to go off road at Turn 3. Perez mentioned that they thought they’d fixed this problem before entering the qualifiers, but it went wrong anyway.

Perez wasn’t able to take part in the race and so will start at the back of the field tomorrow while Verstappen got pole position.

He said that when he was breaking there was a technical issue with his brake balance which was moving far ahead.

When asked by F1Flow.com, he mentioned how they had tried to fix it before but failed.

Sergio Perez from Red Bull Racing said he had a lot of trouble doing anything while braking. As soon as he hit the brakes, he became completely helpless and out of control. He also said that something is moving the brake balance very far forwards while braking. He hopes they will be able to fix it so they can race properly with minimal damage to their cars.

The Red Bull team had trouble getting both their drivers onto the top 10 list of racers in the last two races. For example, Verstappen was only able to be placed 15th on the grid at the recent Grand Prix in Saudi Arabia. Although Verstappen was still able to do well and finish 2nd, it will be hard for them to move up in positions because a new four-way system with DRS is going to be added to Albert Park race track next year making it difficult to overtake other cars.

He said that the competition on Saturdays and Sundays is very tough. But, he has faith in his team to rise up to this challenge and race strong.

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