Sainz Unearths Shocking F1 Car Issues After Ferrari Review

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At the start of 2022, Ferrari won two out of three races but they were badly beaten by Red Bull in that year. In 2023, their season has started off poorly as their best result so far was fourth place in the season opener at Bahrain. They are currently fourth in the standings behind Aston Martin and Mercedes and lagging Red Bull. On top of that, Ferrari’s experienced the most problems with reliability compared to other leading teams.

Ferrari had a bad start to the season in 2023 because it changed its SF-23 car’s shape to keep up with Red Bull’s speed on straights. But this made their car worse at turning, so it can’t drive as quickly around corners as last year’s model.

F1Flow.com asked Sainz what he and team-mate Charles Leclerc think about Ferrari’s problems so early in the 2023 season, and Sainz said that their car is really hard to understand and manage. It needs a lot of tyres as it goes, meaning we need to improve our overall package.

Carlos Sainz from Ferrari said that their car is too “peaky”, which makes it hard for them to compete in races. Everyone knows this issue, and the good news is that Ferrari has a lot of people who can try to find a way to solve it. He believes that if everybody works together, they can fix the problem within a reasonable amount of time.

Carlos Sainz said that he wanted to see if the changes made to his car, called the SF-23, would help its performance. He was mostly looking at how long it takes until the tyres begin to wear down, which was a bigger issue for this car than other cars in races in Bahrain and Jeddah.

“We are not performing that great with the car right now because it’s hard to keep driving fast when there is dirt on the track,” said Sainz ahead of the Australian GP.

“The tyres wear off quickly so we need to be very careful about how much acceleration we give and this stops us from overtaking other drivers during a race.”

“So, overall in a race, I don’t think we can do too much with the car.”

“We recognize what we’re not good at and hope that things get better, so we can have more freedom to do other stuff.”

Currently, Sainz has scored 20 points in the standings this year as compared to Leclerc’s 6 points – putting them at 4th and 8th place respectively. Despite that, Sainz doesn’t seem to be doing so well against Ferrari when it comes to races like Red Bull. This reminds people of last year when Sainz wasn’t performing very well either with his car F1-75. However, he said these two situations are not the same.

“I kind of miss 2022, because back then I had a car that did really well and could win races and have the top spot. This year things are better though, I don’t think I’m driving wrong. It’s just that I haven’t been able to make all the good laps in qualifying that can be done – in the races it seems like I’m doing as much as my car will let me do.”

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