Sainz Rebukes Piastri’s “Overambitious” Maneuver During Belgian GP F1 Collision

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During the inaugural lap of the Spa race on Sunday, a heated encounter took place between Sainz, who initiated the race in the fourth position, and Piastri at the first turn. Sainz’s failure to stop resulted in a collision with Piastri on the inside curve.

The ensuing accident wedged the McLaren against the interior wall, wreaking havoc on its suspension and tearing the Ferrari’s right sidepod. Piastri’s vehicle was reduced to a slow pace downhill towards Eau Rouge, before ultimately coming to a halt.

Despite the stewards deciding not to penalise the incident, Sainz voiced his discontent, arguing that the newcomer should have given way, particularly considering his concurrent skirmish with Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton.

Sainz declared: “He engaged in a tussle with Lewis and I, and I had all but completed my move into Turn 1.

“I made a clean entry and exit at the apex, but regrettably, Oscar seemed to be undertaking an overly hopeful manoeuvre against me.

“It’s regrettable, especially when you look back at previous races at Spa and note the usual Turn 1 incidents – it’s an exact match.

“Those who attempt the inside line at Turn 1 and force their way around usually cause an incident or crash – this time, it was my misfortune to be at the receiving end.”

Sainz emphasised he did not approach the corner too wide, although he admitted he failed to brake, and claimed that he “flawlessly reached the apex and overtook Lewis.”

Sainz was aware of Piastri’s proximity on the inside, yet he asserted: “At some point, someone needs to pull back, and as he’s the one beside my rear-right, I believe he should have conceded and shifted, not me, especially when I was essentially finalising my move on Lewis.”

Despite the car becoming “virtually impossible to control”, Sainz persevered in hopes of a red flag but was forced to quit after the rain had ceased.

Piastri regarded the clash as a classic “first lap, first turn incident”, expressing his disappointment, especially after his sprint race podium finish on Saturday, where he was second only to Max Verstappen.

Giving his take on the collision, he said: “I got off to a good start and managed to get my front end alongside, but as we reached the braking zone, Carlos veered slightly to the right and lost control, which I also had to swerve to avoid.

Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari SF-23 and Oscar Piastri’s McLaren MCL60 collide at the start.

Photo Credit: Steven Tee / F1 Flow Images

“Once there, my choices were rather limited.

“I’ll revisit the incident and determine if there’s anything more I could have done but it’s indeed disappointing to be here instead of still on the track.”

Piastri believed both drivers “could have handled the situation a bit differently,” but added: “Turn 1 is notoriously narrow, and Carlos also had limited options due to Lewis’s position, so it’s unfortunate.”

Speaking to F1, he said: “Carlos’s unexpected shift to the right caught me by surprise.

“Given the circumstances, my options were limited. Perhaps I could have braked a little later to get further alongside, but hindsight is 20/20.

“Once I was in that position, it was quite difficult to either accelerate or decelerate, and I felt stuck.

“I did the best I could from that position, but there wasn’t much I could do.”

The Australian driver revealed that he had suffered a front tire puncture and steering damage in the crash, which forced him to navigate up Eau Rouge “with about 180-degrees of lock and still going straight.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Belgian GP F1 clash

What was the incident between Sainz and Piastri in the Belgian GP?

During the inaugural lap of the Belgian GP F1, Sainz collided with Piastri at the first turn. This resulted in damage to both cars and affected their performances in the race.

Who was blamed for the collision at the Belgian GP?

Sainz blamed Piastri for the collision, stating that Piastri should have given way, especially as he was in the middle of a move against Lewis Hamilton. However, the stewards took no action over the incident.

What was the outcome of the collision for both drivers?

Both Sainz and Piastri had to retire early from the race due to damage to their cars. Sainz’s McLaren was damaged and became virtually impossible to control. Piastri, on the other hand, suffered a front tire puncture and steering damage which forced him to navigate with difficulty.

How did Piastri respond to the incident?

Piastri acknowledged the collision as a typical “first lap, first turn incident”. He also expressed regret over the incident and suggested that both drivers could have handled the situation differently.

Who won the Belgian GP after the collision between Sainz and Piastri?

The text doesn’t provide information on who won the Belgian GP after the collision. However, it mentions Max Verstappen as the winner of the sprint race podium where Piastri finished second.

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FirstLapLover July 31, 2023 - 1:19 am

Looks like the rookie needs to learn his lessons the hard way, doesn’t he? tough break for both.

RaceAce_Johnny July 31, 2023 - 2:42 am

well, this is F1, folks! High stakes, high speed, and even higher tempers!

HamiltonForever July 31, 2023 - 7:23 am

Always thought Sainz was a cool dude, but blaming a rookie like that. C’mon man, show some sportsmanship.

SilverArrows July 31, 2023 - 9:28 am

wonder how lewis feels getting mentioned in all this lol! bet he’s glad he didn’t get involved in the crash.

F1Fanatic_23 July 31, 2023 - 10:02 am

can’t believe sainz blaming piastri like that. it’s racing, incidents happen all the time…

RedBullRush July 31, 2023 - 2:42 pm

Classic spa! it’s not a real belgian gp without some drama at turn 1. feeling bad for both drivers though.

Ferrari_Freak July 31, 2023 - 5:28 pm

Damn, our ferrari took a beating… Hope it doesn’t impact the team’s standings too much.


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