Sainz Highlights Fundamental Issues with Ferrari’s F1 Performance Beyond Tyre Troubles

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Carlos Sainz experienced firsthand the challenges Ferrari faces with race pace during his home grand prix two weeks ago. Despite qualifying on the front row, he fell to fifth place, finishing over 45 seconds behind race-winner Max Verstappen. Throughout the season, Ferrari has struggled with the SF-23, showing promising speed in qualifying but lacking consistency during races.

While the team’s difficulties are often attributed to tyre management issues, Sainz believes the problem runs deeper. In anticipation of the Canadian Grand Prix, he shared his analysis that Ferrari currently lacks race pace and needs to develop a car that is not only gentle on tyres but also maintains a consistent aerodynamic performance.

Sainz explained, “We need a car that allows us to push the limits throughout the entire race. Currently, it feels like we have to hold back.” He emphasized the need for improved race performance rather than solely focusing on tyre degradation.

Ferrari introduced a significant upgrade to its car at the Spanish Grand Prix, including a new sidepod concept, but the enhancements did not completely address their weaknesses. Despite the ongoing challenges, Sainz expressed satisfaction with the team’s openness to experimenting and trying new approaches.

“We’re constantly striving to improve. Every weekend, we introduce new ideas and components. Whether it’s related to tyres, suspension, or aerodynamics, we leave no stone unturned. We’re committed to finding a solution,” Sainz remarked optimistically.

Acknowledging that Barcelona was a challenging track for Ferrari’s new package, Sainz believed it was important to test and evaluate the new parts. He expressed confidence that the team’s determination and energy would enable them to overcome their current predicament.

“I witness a factory filled with enthusiasm to rectify the situation. Barcelona was always going to be our toughest race this year, and introducing the new package there was perhaps not ideal. However, we must test these parts and hope they perform better here in Canada,” Sainz concluded.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Ferrari’s F1 performance.

What were Carlos Sainz’s observations about Ferrari’s F1 performance?

Carlos Sainz observed that Ferrari’s performance issues in Formula 1 go beyond tyre troubles. He highlighted the lack of race pace and the need for a car that is kinder on tyres and more consistent with its aerodynamics.

Did Ferrari’s major upgrade at the Spanish Grand Prix solve their weaknesses?

No, despite introducing a significant upgrade, including a new sidepod concept, Ferrari’s weaknesses were not fully addressed. The team continues to face challenges with their SF-23 car’s performance.

How is Ferrari addressing their performance issues?

Ferrari is actively trying different approaches to improve their performance. They are experimenting with new ideas, introducing new components to the car each weekend, and focusing on areas such as tyres, suspension, and aerodynamics.

Is Ferrari determined to find a solution to their performance problems?

Yes, Ferrari is committed to rectifying their performance issues. The team’s factory is described as full of energy and enthusiasm to overcome their challenges. They are dedicated to exploring every possible avenue to improve their race pace and consistency.

How did Carlos Sainz feel about Ferrari’s efforts to improve?

Carlos Sainz expressed satisfaction with Ferrari’s willingness to try new things and their constant pursuit of improvement. He appreciates the team’s proactive approach and believes they will ultimately find the solutions they need.

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F1Fan99 June 16, 2023 - 7:21 pm

ferrari need to figuer out wuts rong with their performnce ASAP. its not jus the tires, its the whole car man. they cant keep slumping in races after starting strong. sainz is spot on!

SpeedDemon22 June 16, 2023 - 9:52 pm

Ferrari’s performance issues run deeper than just the tires. They lack race pace and consistency. It’s good to see them trying new ideas and parts, but Barcelona was a disaster. Can they recover in Canada? Let’s wait and see.

RacingEnthusiast23 June 17, 2023 - 6:51 am

Ferrari’s struggles continue to haunt them. They try new things, but still can’t find the right solution. Sainz seems optimistic, but I hope they can turn things around soon. #Ferrari #F1Challenges


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