Sainz defends Ferrari F1 structure after after Mekies departure

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Sainz has come forward to defend Ferrari’s F1 structure following the departure of Laurent Mekies, who served as the team’s sporting director since 2018. Mekies will take over as the team principal of AlphaTauri in January after a period of gardening leave. Diego Ioverno, a long-time veteran of Maranello, has replaced Mekies at Ferrari.

Ferrari has experienced other key personnel changes, such as losing its head of vehicle concept to McLaren and not yet signing a technical director after the winter departure of ex-team boss Mattia Binotto. However, they have managed to acquire Mercedes’ performance director, Loic Serra, who will join the team in 2025.

Despite these changes, Sainz remains confident in the current leadership structure, which is under the guidance of new boss Fred Vasseur. He expressed his belief that the team’s setup is working effectively for the development of next year’s car and does not feel it is lacking in any way. Sainz commended Fred Vasseur’s efforts to reinforce the team and praised the clear targets set by the team’s staff.

Sainz emphasized that, even though the team might lack some leaders, this could be a good time for a turnover, considering their less competitive performance in 2023. He believes that restructuring and recruiting now will strengthen the team for more challenging tasks that lie ahead in the future.

Regarding Mekies’ departure to AlphaTauri, Sainz expressed no specific concerns, as he had a positive and productive relationship with the sporting director. He acknowledged Mekies’ significant contributions to Ferrari and commended both Mekies and Ioverno for facilitating a smooth transition. The team has been supportive in helping Ioverno adapt to his new role, and Sainz is not worried about this transitional period, as it has already been handled well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Ferrari’s F1 structure

What announcement did Ferrari make ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix?

Ferrari announced that its sporting director, Laurent Mekies, who had been with the team since 2018, officially left the Scuderia. He will replace Franz Tost as the team principal of AlphaTauri starting from 1 January.

Who replaced Laurent Mekies at Ferrari?

Maranello veteran Diego Ioverno has replaced Laurent Mekies as Ferrari’s sporting director.

Has Ferrari faced other personnel changes recently?

Yes, apart from Laurent Mekies’ departure, Ferrari also lost its head of vehicle concept, David Sanchez, to McLaren. Additionally, they have not yet signed a technical director after the winter exit of ex-team boss Mattia Binotto, who had a joint role.

When will Mercedes’ performance director, Loic Serra, join Ferrari?

Loic Serra is set to join Ferrari in 2025 as their performance director.

How does Carlos Sainz feel about Ferrari’s leadership structure?

Carlos Sainz defended Ferrari’s current leadership structure under the direction of new boss Fred Vasseur. He expressed his confidence that the team’s setup is working well for the development of next year’s car and doesn’t feel any lack of efficiency.

Why does Sainz think it’s an ideal time for a turnover in the team?

Sainz believes that despite facing challenges in 2023, it’s a good time for a turnover to strengthen the team for tougher challenges in the near future.

What is Carlos Sainz’s opinion on Laurent Mekies’ departure?

Sainz is not concerned about Mekies’ departure to AlphaTauri. He had a healthy and productive relationship with Mekies, who played a crucial role at Ferrari and contributed significantly to the team’s success.

How does Sainz view the transition period after Mekies’ departure?

Sainz is positive about the transition period, mentioning that it has been smooth. He also appreciates Mekies’ assistance in helping Diego Ioverno adapt to his new role as sporting director.

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