Sainz Ambushed After Celebrating F1 Italian GP Podium Finish Outside Milan Hotel

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After securing a podium finish at the F1 Italian Grand Prix, Carlos Sainz was blindsided in front of the Armani Hotel on Viale Manzoni in Milan. His high-end Richard Mille watch, an Alexander Zverev special edition with a price tag of £235,000, was snatched from him.

A trio, seemingly having staked out the hotel in advance, approached Sainz and made away with the pricey timepiece.

Springing into action, the Formula 1 driver and his personal fitness coach immediately gave chase. A group of onlookers, who witnessed the event unfold, also joined the pursuit to assist.

Their quick reactions paid off, and Sainz and his aide were able to corner one of the robbers after a chase that involved both a vehicle and a footrace.

The second perpetrator was apprehended on Via della Spiga, thanks to quick thinking by Sainz’s manager.

The final individual in the thieving trio was swiftly detained by another member of Sainz’s entourage.

Law enforcement officers promptly reached the location and arrested the thieves, all of whom were aged between 18 and 20.

Before heading back to his hotel, Sainz reclaimed his luxury watch, which was sponsored by Ferrari.

Photo by: Zak Mauger / F1 Flow Images

In a déjà vu moment, Sainz’s fellow Ferrari teammate, Charles Leclerc, had also fallen prey to a similar robbery just last year, in the days leading up to the Emilia Romagna GP in Italy.

As Leclerc paused for fan photographs in the city of Viareggio, his Richard Mille watch—valued similarly to Sainz’s—was stolen right off his wrist. At the time, Leclerc was ahead in the drivers’ championship over rival Max Verstappen and was accompanied by his entourage, including his trainer, Andrea Ferrari.

Following the theft, Leclerc gave chase, sparking a police investigation into the matter.

Andrea Ferrari, the trainer, took to social media to lament the insufficient street lighting, stating, “Via Salvatori has been in total darkness for months. This issue has been ongoing and reported for a while now. Well, last night, right on Via Salvatori, we got robbed. Maybe it’s time to fix those lights? Just a thought.”

It’s worth noting that Swiss watchmaker Richard Mille has been a long-term sponsor of Leclerc and became an official partner of Ferrari in 2021.

And if you think the saga of Formula 1 drivers and Richard Mille watches ends there, you’d be wrong. In 2021, McLaren’s Lando Norris was also relieved of his prototype Richard Mille watch after attending the Euro 2020 finals at Wembley Stadium.

This trend is turning out to be more gripping than a season finale episode of a TV drama, but let’s hope the wristwatch woes come to a stop for our high-speed heroes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Carlos Sainz robbed

What happened to Carlos Sainz after the F1 Italian Grand Prix?

Carlos Sainz was robbed outside the Armani Hotel in Milan after securing a podium finish at the F1 Italian Grand Prix. Three individuals stole his Richard Mille watch, valued at £235,000.

Who is Carlos Sainz?

Carlos Sainz is a Formula 1 driver who is currently part of the Ferrari team. He secured a podium finish at the F1 Italian Grand Prix prior to the robbery incident.

What was stolen from Carlos Sainz?

A Richard Mille watch, specifically the Alexander Zverev model, was stolen from Carlos Sainz. The watch is valued at £235,000.

How did Carlos Sainz respond to the robbery?

Carlos Sainz and his personal trainer immediately chased after the thieves. They were later joined by other members of Sainz’s team and even some bystanders. Eventually, all three robbers were apprehended.

Were the robbers caught?

Yes, all three robbers were caught and taken into custody by the police. They are aged between 18 and 20.

Is this the first time an F1 driver has been robbed?

No, this is not the first time an F1 driver has been robbed. Last year, Charles Leclerc, Sainz’s teammate, was also robbed of his Richard Mille watch in Italy. Lando Norris, a McLaren driver, had a similar experience in 2021.

What action has been taken against the robbers?

The robbers were apprehended by Carlos Sainz and his team, with assistance from bystanders. They were subsequently taken into custody by the police.

Did Carlos Sainz get his watch back?

Yes, Carlos Sainz was able to retrieve his Richard Mille watch before returning to his hotel.

Who is Richard Mille?

Richard Mille is a Swiss watchmaker known for producing high-end, luxurious timepieces. The brand is also an official partner of the Ferrari team since 2021.

Are there concerns about security for F1 drivers?

While it is not stated explicitly in the text, the robbery of Carlos Sainz, along with similar incidents involving other F1 drivers, could raise concerns about the personal security of athletes in high-profile sports.

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RealityCheck September 4, 2023 - 11:45 am

okay, the story’s cool but are we gonna talk about the lack of security? if high profile athletes like Sainz are at risk, something’s gotta change.

WatchCollector September 4, 2023 - 12:50 pm

Richard Mille sponsoring Ferrari but it looks like they’re attracting the wrong kind of attention. Hope both brands figure out how to handle it.

SpeedDemon September 4, 2023 - 1:13 pm

Sainz chasin’ down robbers after finishing a GP? Dude’s got stamina for days.

CasualObserver September 4, 2023 - 10:00 pm

Wow. Real life is stranger than fiction, they say. Well, they weren’t kidding. Sainz for the next James Bond, anyone?

MikeTheFan87 September 5, 2023 - 1:48 am

Wow man, Sainz is not just fast on track but off it too! Dude literally turned into an action hero, chasing down robbers lol. Someone get this guy a movie deal ASAP!

NotAnF1Fan September 5, 2023 - 1:49 am

Don’t follow F1 much, but this story’s got everything. Speed, drama and expensive gadgets. Kinda makes me wanna watch a race or two.

TechBro21 September 5, 2023 - 2:40 am

£235,000 for a watch?! I mean, it’s gotta do more than just tell time. Does it have a GPS that routes to the nearest police station or something? haha

F1GeekGirl September 5, 2023 - 6:29 am

What’s with F1 drivers and Richard Mille watches becoming robbery magnets? like, this ain’t a good look for either party. Hope they up the security.

MovieBuff_01 September 5, 2023 - 9:24 am

This whole scene sounds straight outta a movie! Car chases, foot races, bystanders jumping in. All we’re missing is a dramatic score in the background.


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