Russell Applauds “Significant Advancements” at His Old Stomping Ground, Williams F1

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Starting off his Formula 1 journey with three formative years at Williams, George Russell eventually returned to his home base at Mercedes, leaving his good buddy Alexander Albon to fill his shoes as the main driver for the Grove-based squad.

Suffering for years due to a lack of proper funding, Williams has found a new lease on life under the wing of Dorilton Capital. James Vowles, a Mercedes alumni, has been spearheading sweeping changes aimed at catapulting the team back to a commanding position within the midfield.

Mirroring last year’s performance, Williams’ car, designed for lower-downforce, has been shining on tracks that favor such a setup but has found itself lacking on circuits demanding higher downforce levels.

However, the recent event at Zandvoort saw a break in the pattern. Alexander Albon snagged the fourth position in the qualifying rounds, while his rookie teammate Logan Sargeant landed a respectable tenth place—despite a Q3 crash messing with his groove.

“Seeing Albon up there really underscores the power of confidence in boosting one’s performance,” Russell commented, beaming about his friend’s qualifying feats.

“Williams is on a significant upswing right now, and a lot of that credit goes to James Vowles. The man is absolutely the right fit for spearheading Williams’ comeback journey.”

Russell went on to say that Formula 1 is at its best when it’s not just a playground for the top-tier teams. “We want to see every team get a shot at glory if they’re pulling their weight,” he emphasized.

Alex Albon, behind the wheel of the Williams FW45, has caught the attention of other racers too, including pole leader Max Verstappen, who was Albon’s teammate at Red Bull for a year and a half.

“It’s astounding to see them performing well both on wet and dry tracks,” Verstappen remarked, “It’s a boon for the sport to see more teams vying for the top spots.”

Verstappen also gave a shoutout to Albon, thrilled to see him enjoy the benefits of a competitive car, at least for this weekend’s races.

Second-place qualifier Lando Norris also chimed in, expressing his happiness at seeing Williams join the fray. “It’s not exactly jaw-dropping to see them up there, considering they’ve shown competitive streaks here and there,” Norris observed. “For example, at Silverstone, Albon was leading in practice rounds.”

He added, “This time around, they’ve managed to carry that momentum through qualifying and even into Q3. Big kudos to both Albon and Sargeant. Williams seems to have turned a corner this season.”

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