Russell Admits to Major Blunder in F1 Hungary Qualifying

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George Russell, whose fortunes took a dramatic twist compared to his teammate and pole winner Lewis Hamilton, conceded that traffic played a significant part in hampering his performance.

His racing plan was disturbed while attempting to begin his lap, highlighting that the unspoken rule among drivers about not overtaking each other was disregarded by several competitors.

“My entire session was badly timed – on track at inappropriate moments, taking unnecessary risks as a team,” he conveyed to F1 after his difficult session.

“We had a swift car, didn’t need to fuel for a single lap, and then just head out in heavy traffic. I was trying to abide by the unwritten rule, but ended up being overtaken by several cars, Pierre being the most prominent at the final corner.

“I was already three-tenths down before I even started, and that was the end of the lap. I won’t put the blame on any of the drivers; we’re all battling for ourselves. As a team, we could’ve performed far better.”

When queried about the fading respect for the gentlemen’s agreement, he stated, “I’m not sure if it ever truly existed, to be candid. And if I were in their position, I probably would have behaved similarly.

“Everyone has to look out for themselves. But with a 4.5km track, we’re only using a fraction with 10 cars, so we need to reflect on our mistakes today and accept that we seriously messed up.”

George Russell, Mercedes F1 W14

Photo by: Zak Mauger / F1 Flow Images

Russell was unperturbed about the new challenge of qualifying on the hard tyre in Q1.

“Out of all the circuits, this one is perhaps the most straightforward,” he noted. “This year’s hard tyre is equivalent to last year’s medium.

“Considering the scorching conditions, the hard tyre is performing adequately. The situation would have been different in Imola, for instance, and I am unsure about the next event [Monza], but it will also be different.”

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Russell shared the views of his fellow drivers while noting the reduced track activity under the alternative tyre allocation system.

“I think it’s beneficial for qualifying but not so much with the decreased running in FP1 and FP2,” he said. “It’s disappointing for the fans, and we need to come up with a better solution. Fans pay a substantial amount to attend on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

“If we’re completing only about 60% of the laps we used to, they’re getting less value for their money, so we need to come up with a better solution.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about George Russell’s Hungary F1 Qualifying

What was the major issue George Russell faced in the F1 Hungary Qualifying?

Russell faced significant issues with traffic on the track and poorly timed racing session, which hampered his performance.

What was George Russell’s reaction to other drivers overtaking him during the qualifying round?

Russell admitted that he was overtaken by several cars despite trying to abide by an unspoken rule about not overtaking during the start of a lap. However, he didn’t blame any of the drivers as he said everyone was battling for themselves.

What did George Russell say about the gentleman’s agreement among drivers?

Russell expressed doubt over the existence of the gentleman’s agreement among drivers, stating that he would have probably behaved similarly if he were in their position.

What did George Russell say about qualifying on the hard tyre in Q1?

Russell was not concerned about the challenge of qualifying on the hard tyre in Q1, stating that the hard tyre was working fine in the hot conditions, and that it would have been a different scenario in Imola.

What is George Russell’s opinion on the alternative tyre allocation system?

Russell believes the system is beneficial for qualifying but not for the reduced running in FP1 and FP2. He noted this reduction is disappointing for fans who pay substantial amounts to attend the races, suggesting a need for a better solution.

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PitLaneGuru July 22, 2023 - 10:40 pm

these drivers need to remember the gentleman’s agreement, respect the rules guys!

F1Oracle July 22, 2023 - 11:01 pm

4.5km track and only using 1km? thats just poor planning, mate.

LewisFan91 July 23, 2023 - 8:35 am

Didn’t Hamilton had the same conditions?? Why is Russell complaining? Just drive man.

JustJess July 23, 2023 - 10:14 am

poor Russel, always getting caught in traffic! like my morning commute lol

PetrolHeadPete July 23, 2023 - 12:13 pm

sounds like russell’s looking for excuses. better luck next time eh?

GearHeadGary July 23, 2023 - 2:15 pm

hard tyre, soft tyre, who cares? If you’re good, you’re good. plain n simple!

AceDriver22 July 23, 2023 - 6:10 pm

its tough when ur in the wrong place at the wrong time, ive been there. Chin up Russel!

MickRacingFan July 23, 2023 - 7:36 pm

can’t believe how bad they timed it, its F1 not a school race…


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