Russell admits rain/sweat confusion during Spanish GP was “embarrassing”

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George Russell benefited from the enhanced performance of the W14 in hotter race conditions during the Spanish Grand Prix, advancing from 12th on the grid to third, complementing his teammate Lewis Hamilton on the double podium.

Rain had posed a potential disruption during the Saturday practice session but didn’t make an appearance during the race. Nonetheless, Russell momentarily queried his race engineer, Marcus Dudley, about reports of rain from other drivers when he noticed droplets on his helmet visor halfway through the race.

However, it was soon clarified that these were sweat droplets. Russell hadn’t adequately tucked his hair into his balaclava, causing sweat to fly forward due to the forces exerted while braking.

Russell elaborated on the mix-up, stating, “In the first stint, my hair wasn’t completely tucked into my balaclava, which was bothersome as it was in my peripheral vision. Consequently, sweat was dripping onto my face and onto my visor when I braked. The combination of the grey clouds and the water spots on the visor led me to mistake it for rain. That was somewhat embarrassing.”

Photo by: Mark Sutton / F1 Flow Images – George Russell, Mercedes F1 W14, Esteban Ocon, Alpine A523, in the pit lane

During a conversation with Sky Sports, Russell expressed further frustration, stating, “The whole race, sweat was getting inside the visor and I couldn’t wipe it. It was bothersome, but I managed to keep it under control.”

Russell’s radio communications once again became a focal point when he overtook Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari into Turn 1 on the 35th lap of 66, gaining third place.

Responding to Russell’s move, Dudley said, “Solid work,” to which Russell humorously retorted, “Just solid?”. Toto Wolff, the Mercedes motorsport boss, interjected, “It was very good”.

Clarifying the exchange, Russell stated, “It was merely a joke with Marcus… Toto enjoys giving big motivational messages over the radio. Marcus and I often prefer a more calm and composed approach, as it sometimes yields the best results. I thought my move on Carlos was a little more impressive than just ‘solid’, but it was all in good fun!”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about George Russell Spanish GP Performance

Q: What was George Russell’s performance like during the Spanish GP?

A: George Russell’s performance during the Spanish GP was impressive. Despite starting 12th on the grid, he managed to climb up to third place, securing a spot on the podium. He showcased his skills and benefited from the enhanced performance of the W14 in the warmer race temperatures.

Q: Why did George Russell mistake his sweat for rain during the race?

A: George Russell mistook his sweat for rain during the race due to a hair and balaclava mishap. His hair wasn’t properly tucked into his balaclava, causing sweat droplets to drip onto his face and visor. Combined with the grey clouds and water spots on the visor, he misunderstood it as rain, leading to the confusion.

Q: How did George Russell’s radio communication draw attention during the race?

A: George Russell’s radio communication drew attention during the race when he made a successful overtaking move on Carlos Sainz. His race engineer, Marcus Dudley, commended his move with “Solid work,” to which Russell jokingly responded, “Just solid?” The Mercedes motorsport boss, Toto Wolff, chimed in, affirming that it was “very good.” This banter added some lightheartedness to the radio communication.

Q: Did George Russell manage to control the sweat issue during the race?

A: Yes, George Russell managed to control the sweat issue during the race, despite it being bothersome. Sweat continuously entered his visor, making it difficult to wipe, but he remained focused and kept the situation under control, ultimately delivering a strong performance.

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