Riders Express Mixed Opinions on Safety at India MotoGP Track

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The anticipation is mounting as the first-ever Indian Grand Prix for MotoGP draws near. This thrilling event is set to take place at the Buddh International Circuit, a venue that Formula 1 fans will remember as the host of races from 2011 to 2013.

While the track has undergone significant upgrades to enhance safety, some riders have voiced concerns about the proximity of barriers to the circuit in certain corners. This has prompted a united front among the riders, culminating in a vote to determine whether the track is safe enough for racing.

Pol Espargaro, representing Tech3’s GASGAS Factory Racing, has taken it upon himself to assess the circuit’s condition. “I walked it two times yesterday and ran it one time this morning,” he reported. “Honestly, I think we were a little bit too hard before coming here to see what really was. I think it is much better than what we all expected.”

He acknowledged that there are areas where safety improvements could be made but expressed optimism about the track’s overall layout. “There is up and down, the corners are different, there is banking in some areas. It’s something different than what we are used to racing on and it looks very fun.”

Raul Fernandez of RNF Aprilia echoed similar sentiments, appreciating the track’s appeal but raising concerns about some kerbs. “Honestly, I like it. I think the track is super nice,” he said. “We have to see well some of the kerbs, because I think in some places it looks not too safe. It could be safe, but maybe they don’t think that in the end we are on a MotoGP bike.”

Alex Marquez of Gresini also shared his thoughts, noting that Turn 4 presents a critical challenge, while the rest of the track seems acceptable. “This is a really nice layout,” Marquez commented. “Some walls are really close, but better than what we expected – just Turn 4 is a little bit critical, but for the rest it’s not bad.”

It’s evident that the riders have a range of opinions regarding the safety of the India MotoGP track, with some calling for improvements in specific areas. However, the consensus seems to be that the circuit’s unique layout and challenges have piqued their interest, promising an exciting weekend of racing ahead. Stay tuned for more updates as the event unfolds.

Note: This article is based on the opinions and statements of the riders and does not reflect the official stance of the MotoGP organization or race organizers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about MotoGP Track Safety

What are the riders’ opinions on safety at the India MotoGP track?

The riders have varying opinions on safety at the India MotoGP track. Some, like Pol Espargaro and Raul Fernandez, find the track appealing and believe it’s better than expected. They appreciate its unique layout and challenges. However, they also highlight the need for improvements in certain areas, such as kerbs.

Alex Marquez mentions that Turn 4 is a critical point, while other parts of the track are relatively acceptable. Overall, there is a mix of optimism about the track’s potential and concerns about specific safety aspects.

Is there a consensus among the riders regarding track safety?

No, there isn’t a unanimous consensus among the riders. While some riders are more positive about the track’s safety, others express specific concerns about certain aspects, like kerbs or close walls at particular corners. However, they all seem to agree that the track layout is unique and promising for an exciting race weekend.

Are there any official safety assessments from the race organizers or MotoGP officials?

The article is based on the opinions and statements of the riders themselves. It does not reflect the official safety assessments or statements from race organizers or MotoGP officials. Official safety assessments would be conducted by relevant authorities, and their findings would determine the track’s safety standards for the race.

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