Ricciardo: Sainz Continues to Stir the F1 Traffic Pot

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Carlos Sainz found himself in a bit of a traffic jam during the qualifying session for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, and he didn’t hesitate to voice his frustrations. The Spaniard, who secured the 16th spot on the starting grid, claimed that some drivers resort to tactics like creating “a little bit of dirty air” to hinder their rivals without technically committing to impeding.

However, it seems Sainz’s comments haven’t gone unnoticed, especially by his fellow drivers. Daniel Ricciardo, who starts a place ahead of Sainz in Sunday’s season finale at Yas Island, didn’t mince words when he suggested that Sainz is no stranger to making life complicated for others on the track.

With a cheeky grin, Ricciardo quipped, “Oh, directly behind me? I’m going to speak to him. I know he upsets some people in practice and stuff, like he’s normally the upsetter. He gets in the way.”

It’s clear that Ricciardo doesn’t plan to let Sainz off the hook so easily. He even offered a bit of advice, saying, “So I’m going to tell him to maybe not press his left foot too much into Turn 1 tomorrow [Sunday] and upset some people and help me out!”

Ricciardo’s comments hint at a pattern. He continued, “I don’t know why he does it. But he is always the culprit. But look, he hasn’t upset me this weekend.”

But is Sainz genuinely causing trouble on purpose, or is he just playing mind games with his fellow racers? Ricciardo isn’t entirely sure, saying, “I don’t know if he’s just messing with us, but he definitely seems to be the one that everyone likes to talk about in terms of impeding and whatever. He’s going to get what he’s given. But he started it!”

One thing both drivers seem to agree on is the impact of “dirty air” in Formula 1 this season. Ricciardo acknowledged that it has become more of an issue, making it harder for drivers to follow closely behind their competitors.

“Yeah, I felt like this year it’s got worse,” he admitted. “I think definitely last year, it was a bit better. But for me, I feel this year, it definitely seems a bit harder to follow or not like be affected.”

In a sport where every advantage counts, drivers are keenly aware of the tactics they can employ to make life more challenging for those trailing them. Ricciardo explained his approach, saying, “We know what we’re doing. My approach is if I do it to someone, they’re going to do it back to me.”

He also shared his philosophy on maintaining good relations on the track, stating, “So I’m like, I’ll try to be nice to everyone and hopefully get it back to me in a nice way. But anyway, I just talked a bit of [expletive] on him [Sainz]. He hasn’t upset me in a while, but you mentioned it!”

While Ricciardo seems to be striving to keep the peace and avoid causing problems for his fellow racers, he pointed out a particular scenario where tensions tend to flare. “I feel like I’m doing a good job of trying to get out of people’s way,” he said. “I think it’s more in practice as well when there’s nothing on the line.”

He continued, “That’s when probably we get most frustrated, okay, we’re honestly not fighting for positions in practice. So that’s where it probably upsets you more. I think qualifying there’ll probably be a penalty, but it’s more practice where maybe you feel they’ll get away with it, and that’s where it can rub you the wrong way.”

So, as the season finale at Yas Island approaches, all eyes will be on Sainz and his interactions with his fellow drivers. Will he continue to be the “upsetter” on the track, or will he surprise everyone and play nice this time? Whatever happens, one thing is for sure, the drama and excitement of Formula 1 are alive and well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Formula 1 Rivalries

What is the context of Ricciardo and Sainz’s banter in Formula 1?

Daniel Ricciardo and Carlos Sainz engaged in playful banter in Formula 1 regarding impeding during a qualifying session for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Why did Carlos Sainz complain about traffic in Formula 1?

Carlos Sainz complained about traffic because he qualified 16th for the Abu Dhabi GP and suggested that some drivers deliberately create “dirty air” to hinder rivals without technically impeding them.

What did Daniel Ricciardo say about Carlos Sainz’s reputation in Formula 1?

Daniel Ricciardo suggested that Carlos Sainz is known for making life tricky for other drivers on the track, often being the “upsetter” during practice and qualifying sessions.

How has “dirty air” impacted Formula 1 this season?

Daniel Ricciardo noted that “dirty air” has become more of an issue in Formula 1 this season, making it harder for drivers to follow closely behind their competitors.

What is Daniel Ricciardo’s approach to dealing with rival drivers in Formula 1?

Daniel Ricciardo’s approach is to be considerate and avoid causing problems for other drivers on the track. He believes that if he treats others well, they are more likely to do the same in return.

When does tension tend to flare among Formula 1 drivers?

Tensions tend to flare among Formula 1 drivers, particularly in practice sessions, when there is nothing significant on the line in terms of championship points or positions in the race. This is when impeding and traffic issues can be more frustrating.

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