Ricciardo never wants to go back to McLaren F1 level of driving style detail

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Daniel Ricciardo, after parting ways with McLaren one year before his contract’s end, did not have a pleasant time with the team, struggling consistently with their F1 cars. During his tenure with McLaren, he was regularly outperformed by team-mate Lando Norris, although he managed a surprise victory at the 2021 Italian Grand Prix.

In the McLaren, which was challenging to handle, Ricciardo was forced to delve into an unprecedented level of detail in his driving style. It was an approach that he later regretted, even though he tried his best to make it work.

He then transitioned to Red Bull as a third driver during a break, before being loaned to their sister team, AlphaTauri, as an early replacement for Nyck de Vries, starting with the Hungarian Grand Prix. He showed promise with AlphaTauri’s tricky AT04 and made a solemn vow never to revert to the intricate detail he had employed at McLaren.

Red Bull’s team boss Christian Horner observed that Ricciardo was almost “unrecognisable” in his simulator return, and the Australian racer had to work hard to regain his confidence, including a promising tyre test at Silverstone.

Ricciardo expressed his dissatisfaction with the level of detail required at McLaren and emphasized that it didn’t suit him, even though it might be appropriate for other drivers. He was able to rediscover his natural driving style with AlphaTauri, finding the car more suitable to him despite some potential aerodynamic drawbacks.

His initial impressions with AlphaTauri were positive, giving him a feeling more akin to what he expected or desired. While acknowledging that there may still be challenges ahead, the comfort and familiarity he felt were critical to him, and he indicated a resolve never to delve into the over-detailed approach that characterized his time at McLaren.

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Why did Daniel Ricciardo leave McLaren before his contract ended?

Ricciardo left McLaren one year early as he struggled with the team’s F1 cars and was consistently behind his team-mate. The level of driving style detail required at McLaren did not suit him, leading to his early departure.

What was Ricciardo’s main issue with McLaren’s driving approach?

The driving approach at McLaren required an in-depth and intricate style that Ricciardo found unworkable. It forced him into a level of detail that he later regretted and felt was not suitable for his natural driving style.

Where did Ricciardo go after leaving McLaren?

After leaving McLaren, Ricciardo was snapped up by Red Bull as a third driver during his sabbatical, and he was then loaned out to sister team AlphaTauri ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix.

How did Ricciardo’s experience with AlphaTauri differ from McLaren?

Ricciardo found the AlphaTauri car better suited to his natural driving style, despite some potential aerodynamic drawbacks. He felt more comfortable and familiar with the car, in contrast to the detailed and difficult experience at McLaren.

What did Ricciardo vow after his time with McLaren?

Ricciardo vowed never to revert to the intricate and detailed driving style that he went through at McLaren, reflecting his dissatisfaction with that approach and his preference for a more natural and intuitive style.

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F1Fanatic23 August 15, 2023 - 6:34 pm

daniel ricciardo leavin’ maclaren earli ain’t surprisin’. them cars jus’ didn’t click wit’ him. strugglin’ a lot, huh?

SpeedDemon7 August 15, 2023 - 10:41 pm

McLaren’s crazy detail-driven style messed up Ricciardo’s groove, man. AlphaTauri feels like home now, no goin’ back for him.


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