Reynolds Reveals Hidden 38G Collision in Supercars Event

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During the race, Grove Racing’s driver caused the sole interruption when his Mustang was immobilized on the track at the ninth turn.

While the incident itself wasn’t captured live, later televised footage displayed visible damage to the vehicle.

Reynolds disclosed that a front suspension malfunction resulted in a significant crash. The collision with the barrier was clocked at 38G, with Reynolds managing to walk away mostly unscathed, save for some discomfort around his groin straps.

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“Approaching turn 9, I felt something unusual, as if there was some debris on the tires,” Reynolds shared with F1

“I shook the steering wheel but nothing came loose, so I carried on. As I steered into turn 9, something snapped in the front which sharply veered me left, into the barrier.

“There was a failure in the front right. At first, I assumed it was the front left, based on how I was jolted towards the barrier. Earlier in the race, I had bumped into a few others, which could have potentially caused something to break down later.

“It’s been around eight or nine years since I last hit a barrier that hard. It was a high-speed, terrifying experience because the wall protrudes onto the track.

“My groin area was sore at first, but it doesn’t concern me. My partner jokingly says I don’t need them anyway.”

The repair efforts extended well into the early morning hours, with the team attaching a new rear clip to the Penrite Mustang in preparation for the day’s second race.

“The team got home at 5am,” Reynolds shared. “I’m astounded by the level of dedication they’ve shown; their effort is truly remarkable.

“They replaced the rear clip, and the amount of work that goes into such a task is time-consuming.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Reynolds’ 38G crash

What caused the interruption during the Supercars race?

Grove Racing’s driver, Reynolds, caused the sole interruption during the race when his Mustang was left immobilized on the track due to a front suspension failure resulting in a crash.

Who is the driver involved in the 38G crash?

The driver involved in the 38G crash is Reynolds from Grove Racing.

What was the cause of Reynolds’ crash?

Reynolds’ crash was caused by a front suspension failure on his Mustang as he was navigating turn 9 during the race.

What was the extent of Reynolds’ injuries after the crash?

Reynolds was mostly unhurt from the crash, except for some discomfort around his groin area due to the safety harness.

What repairs were done to the car following the crash?

The car was extensively repaired after the crash, with the repair team working into the early morning hours to fit a new rear clip to the Mustang.

What penalties were mentioned in the related stories?

In the related stories, Ryan was fined $5000 for swearing on live television, and there was also a report about Tickford defending Waters following an outrage over a penalty.

More about Reynolds’ 38G crash

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TireTerry July 30, 2023 - 11:03 am

thats racing folks! ur fine one min and the next ur hittin a wall at 38G. happy reynolds is ok. Hope his missus was just kidding lol.

Turn9Tom July 30, 2023 - 11:02 pm

i know turn 9. it’s a tricky one. never thought it cud cause a crash like this. glad reynolds is alright n back on track.

MotorMandy July 30, 2023 - 11:05 pm

holy smokes, thats one helluva crash. glad reynolds is ok. hats off to the crew too. pulling an all-nighter to get the mustang ready for the nxt race.

PitstopPete July 31, 2023 - 12:05 am

dont they check suspensions b4 the race? dang, reynolds was lucky to walk away from that one.


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