Red Flag Waves in Australian GP After Albon and Magnussen Accidents

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Albon was in sixth place, but he crashed into the barrier while turning at Turn 7. The front and rear wings of the FW45 were damaged in the impact and Albon was unable to keep driving. The car stopped over the kerbs after bouncing off from the barrier.

The race was stopped because the track had things on it like rocks and pieces of broken stuff. George Russell, who was the first person to start the race, seemed to be affected in a bad way by this stoppage. He had started faster than Max Verstappen, who was at the front, but then he stayed there when they went into Turn 1.

The two-time winner had to slow down when Lewis Hamilton, who started from the second row, passed him and took second place. Even though Verstappen said that there was no enough space, he couldn’t do anything about it.

To get back in the game, Mercedes put Russell in a short pit stop that only took 3.6 seconds, then Russell rejoined the game back at seventh place.

Even though they are using a pitstop which is usually quicker behind the safety car, red flags will not give Hamilton and Verstappen any advantages as they can still change tyres under the red flag conditions. Carlos Sainz who was in fourth place earlier had to back off to 11th place too. Finally, the race was stopped for a second time so that there could be a two-lap faceoff between Verstappen and Hamilton for winning the race.

The race had to be stopped twice. The first time happened after Albon crashed on lap nine, leaving gravel and debris on the track. Then on lap 56, Kevin Magnussen went too wide on Turn 2 and hit the wall, which ripped off his back right tire from the wheel rim of his car. Although he was able to bring his car to a stop smoothly, there were tiny pieces of debris all over the track that made it unsafe, so the race was put at a standstill.

Verstappen had four seconds of advantage over Hamilton, who was chasing him. But because he messed up and slip at the second to last turn, he lost those four seconds and his lead is gone now.

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