Red Bull Team Principal Horner Calls Out Baku F1 Sprint “Absolutely Ludicrous” Given Risk of Major Crash Damage

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Baku is the first race in a series of six sprint events in 2023. Teams are working hard to get ready for the race because damage control and spares inventories need to be as solid as possible. Furthermore, teams will have less time than usual between Baku and the next one which is just one week after in Miami. So it’s even more important that teams leave Baku without any major damages on their car.

Horner was asked by F1Flow.com how risky it is to have a sprint race in Azerbaijan, and his response was that it’s really ridiculous. He also said that from the fan’s point of view, this is going be one of the most exciting sprint races this year.

When it cost a lot of money around there to fix up your race car, it’s usually enough to do only one race in Baku. We need to make the format for the sprint races coming up more interesting though. That way, it will be more exciting and fun.

Sergio Perez, who drives for Red Bull Racing, accidentally drove onto the grass during a race. The team directors have been trying hard to prevent this from happening again. Other teams are also worried that if their drivers make more mistakes like this it may damage their parts.

Zak Brown from McLaren said that the Baku circuit is exciting for race fans, but it can also cause a lot of car damage. Mike Krack from Aston Martin also added that it’s a worry since everyone has to contend with the same problem, but they all try to keep their cars undamaged as much as possible.

Otmar Szafnauer from Alpine said that the three-week break from racing in April could help his team store a lot of new parts. He said that Baku has exciting races, but it is also quite risky because the streets are close to walls. Otmar thinks this extra time off should give them enough time to be ready for not only the race in Baku, but also the upcoming one in Miami, so they won’t be facing any issues.

Gunther Steiner, the boss of Haas team, believes that they have enough parts to get ready for the upcoming sprint event. He knows it could be difficult for their budget, but hopes that there won’t be any surprising unexpected events in Baku that will make them lose points or cause damage.

-FIA (Formula 1 racing organization) has decided that drivers won’t be allowed to lift their cars during pitstop penalties after their review of F1 race driver Fernando Alonso.

-Race car drivers George Russell and Lando Norris agree that the amount of practice time should be reduced.

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